Dealer Expo: New Blurs and Stellas

Ron Arnold (Detroit Scooter Examiner) has shared some Blur220i photos from DealerExpo on ModernBuddy. The two color schemes are “Gunmetal and White” and “White.” Branding is limited to small plastichrome badges, similar to the earlier Charcoal/Black 150 model.

All in all, pretty much what we expected, and great news, though I have a few minor quibbles. As a fan of the distinctive charcoal/orange early Blurs, the colors and branding are a bit boring, but I suppose this is not the time to be brave with colors. The horncovers are fake carbon fiber, which looks good, but I just hate fake carbon fiber. The saddest part is the new DOT front turn signals, which were apparently necessary after all.

Both colors featured gold wheels, which is a strange decision, but they look pretty good. Arnold points out that the front brake caliper was gold on both bikes, and the rear caliper was red, which is also strange, though these are probably preproduction examples. The bikes’ seats were different, one appears the same as the earlier models, the other looks similar but shaved-down a bit. Arnold says they plan to use the lower seat on both versions.

The Stella 4-stroke apparently will not be branded differently than its predecessor, but will feature some new colors. “Creme,” “Dijon Yellow,” and “Slate Blue” will be available in addition to the old “Avocado,” White, and Red. MSRP remains the same as the 2-stroke version, $3599, which is great news. Of course, the big story is that it’s rated at 140 MPG, (though you know how we feel about that.)

Sadly (very sadly, in our opinion) the 2-stroke version will no longer be available once current inventory sells out.

Which is faster? White is 4T, Purple is 2T (these are UK-market LMLs from Eddy Bullet):

11 thoughts on “Dealer Expo: New Blurs and Stellas”

  1. They need to tell the guy on the 2 stroke that it’s got more than one gear.

  2. Yeah, while that video’s been getting passed around as proof that the 4T is faster, I’d take it with a grain of salt. Still, the 4T is supposedly a bit faster.

  3. Sorry Brooke it is faster. Scootering did a write up and confirmed, though the 2t was bone stock restricted and all.

  4. Then the 4 stroke should be dragging a boat anchor. Wait, it already is: the 200 extra moving parts to make a 4 stroke run at all.

  5. That’s the question, was the US 2T restricted the same way as the UK version. I bet not, but I don’t know for sure.

  6. 2t vs 4t – initially i’d also side w the 2t, but when we got our first buddy 125 we were so surprised by the speed we ran it against a Honda aero 125 2t and it smoked it. The chetak 4t was definitely slower than a restricted Stella 2t. Swap to a stock px150 euro exhaust and it was faster still. I’m sure there will be no shortage of shoot outs once production 4t’s ship.

  7. It’s not a speed issue as far as I’m concerned, the 4T could be 10mph faster than the 2T and there would still be very good reasons to want the 2T. I’m preparing my rant, which will presented under separate cover…

  8. I really have no problem believing that the 4T Stella puts the 2T Stella to shame. To the same point, I am willing to bet I can beat Usain Bolt in a foot race presuming he is buried up to his neck in concrete.

    But I wouldn’t put the Aero 125 up against most modern two stroke scooters with half it’s displacement. Apples and oranges. A valid comparison for the Buddy would be a Skipper 125 2T.

  9. Yep, kind of a bugger really, my Gilera Runner has a tuned Malossi 172cc motor and my PIaggio Hexagon is also running a 172cc Malossi motor these days. So, apples to oranges was the best I could muster. Buddy’s are stupid-fast tho’ nuff said.

    I’m pretty sure if we go into the way back machine we’re going to find the same arguments regarding the Stella 4T that we found regarding the Chetak 4T.

    “Vintage (styled) Scooters should be 2T, it’s part of the experience/feel/vibe”

    “2T Scooters are infinitely tune-able, 4T – not so much”

    “Making a Vintage scooter a 4T is like buying a corvette with an automatic transmission”. You can substitute “corvette” with Porsche/Ferrari/Lambo, but all of them offer Formula 1 style automatics that dominate any clutch pedal.

    I’m OK with the 4T if only for the reason that there’s a dopey law in California that kept Stellas out. Now Stellas will be available there (in addition to the several “used” 2T ones I sent to NoHo Scooters).

  10. So YOU ended up with that Hexagon!

    I don’t have anything against 2 stroke modern v. vintage. I just appreciate the simplicity of the 2T engine and have fun talking smack. I think these new Stellas will be interesting. I think the most interesting part is the demand around the world for the workhorse, geared, 10″ wheel, P-style Vespa. I don’t think the demand in Europe, No. Africa and India is from some vintage appeal. It’s just a solid functional design like the Honda Cub/Passport. Not the most interesting but inspiring part is the redesign of the rear chassis similar to the Honda Eterno.

  11. Thanks for the cross-post and I’ll gently steer clear of the 2t vs. 4t discussion – I love both. And although my Stella 2t riding time is short, as a P200 and Bajaj Legend owner/rider, I love them both for completely different reasons. It could be that I’m just nuts about scooting…

    Ron/Placebo/Detroit Scooter Examiner
    Rovers SC

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