Honda 3R-C

2SB has learned to not get excited about concept vehicles, so we’ll let Steve and Orin tell you all about Honda’s new futuristic 3-wheeler. We like Apple (and Genuine’s) policy on prototypes and concept vehicles: just make cool products NOW, and announce them when they’re ready.

2 thoughts on “Honda 3R-C”

  1. Yes, I’m going to drive my new 4 stroke Stella to pick up my iPad at the Apple store later on today!

    It’s apples and oranges with Apple and Genuine or with consumer electronics and motor vehicles. But I think that trike is kinda lame. Maybe if the cockpit was configured as if the top was always closed and the rider was under that bubble completely.

  2. I think the thing is kinda pointless, acutally (as you’ll read if you click on my name). Buliker, less maneuverable and more difficult to get on/off than a scooter or motorcycle. Possibly, it makes sense in Japan, a country with the world’s highest median age and largest percentage of population over 65, but everywhere else, WTF?

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