2009-10 Cold Weather Challenge Wrap-Up

Mad Man Maddox sent another ski-scooter link, which reminds us that our Cold Weather Challenge officially ended at midnight on Feb. 28. So here are the final standings: Third Place is Luigi G at 2.5°F; Second Place is Alan Van Tol at 0°F, and first place is Colin Doyle at -13°. Colin led the CWC for a month last year, so we’re glad to see him seal the deal this year. Last year’s winner, Scootervillan Bob didn’t enter, probably because we never sent him his Malört. (Mailing liquor is tricky!) So now we owe two bottles of Malört to Minnesota, and it’s nice to see two New Englanders on the podium, too! Good work everyone! If you entered the CWC and would like a sticker, send your snail-mail address to illnoise@2strokebuzz.com. (Luigi, I’ve got yours!)

4 thoughts on “2009-10 Cold Weather Challenge Wrap-Up”

  1. I didn’t enter because the pain is a glory to be felt just once. (Not true, I’ve been runner up in the past) I told Colin Doyle that I wouldn’t stand in his way this year.
    (He finnished 2nd last year) So bring on the Malort! We have a bucket of Everclear we’d like to mix it into.

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