Scootertechniques DVDs

Can’t speak to the quality of these Lambretta and Vespa Maintenance/Rebuild DVDs. but it’s about time someone put together something like this. I’ve written them to beg for review copies, maybe we can sell ’em over at Scootmoto eventually. (I notice they offer free shipping worldwide, that’s extremely generous, considering current shipping rates! Hopefully they’ve taken region encoding and NTSC/PAL into account they have, see below)

Via ScootRS.

One thought on “Scootertechniques DVDs”

  1. I purchased the Vespa Maintenance and Vespa rebuild DVDs, and I can tell you they are an excellent value for the money. The mechanic/host ‘Sausage’ does an excellent job going through the rebuilding of a Vespa motor in a step-by-step fashion. Everything is on camera, nothing is skipped over. For anyone looking at doing a rebuild for the first time, this is a great way to go. Have this DVD on in your shop, start at the beginning, and just play ‘follow-the-leader’, pausing to do each step Sausage does, then continuing on. The quality of the camera work is excellent, and Sausage’s heavy accent (Yorkshire? East London?) really grows on you after a while. The DVDs are NTSC on one side, and PAL on the other, so they will play on North American (region 1) players.

    These things sure have the Haines manual beat all to hell. Seeing it done on video in real time makes it sooooo much easier!

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