Eat Your Heart Out Motocompo

Volkswagen has trotted out a new electric bike to compliment one’s sense of how far one can drive past the “Empty” marking on the gas gauge. Honda had a similar concept back in the 1980s, to go along with their compact cars, called the Motocompo. The VW options seems like a nice design with single sided front suspension, as airplane designers intended. (Someone, please, tell me his wikipedia entry has some errors.)

2 thoughts on “Eat Your Heart Out Motocompo”

  1. The idea was you got the Motocompo instead of a spare tire. I guess, to ride to an auto parts store so you could pick up a can of Fix-a-FlatĀ®.

    During my SCCA club racing days I knew a guy who had a Motocompo. He was rather tall, and had to scrunch himself up to ride it. Sadly, I never got a picture…

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