eHow features some weird/pointless scooter tips, such as How to Compete in a Vespa Rally, which seems like it was written in a couple minutes with no actual insight into scooters or racing. Do eHow writers just crank these things out for an easy paycheck or what? Aside from MotoGiroUSA, which is not specifically for scooters, and a couple one-off events over the years, are there even any European-style Rally road races in the U.S.? I feel bad linking to more of these articles, they don’t deserve the traffic, but there are listings for “How to Restore a Vespa,” “How to Become a Vespa Dealer,” “How to Join a Vespa Club”… all of which basically say “1. Use a little common sense. 2. Look on the internet for more information.” Thanks, eHow!

3 thoughts on “eWhat?

  1. Sure, Kory, but the article was geared toward European-style road rally racing, not track racing. and things like “Many of the rally races fill up quickly” make it clear they’ve just made up the info, no one has EVER been turned away from an american scooter racing event because THERE WERE TOO MANY ENTRANTS! : )

    That and the fact that it contains absolutely no useful info. “How to give birth” 1. Get pregnant. 2. Wait 9 months. 3. Learn about giving birth. 4. Give birth. Yeah, great insider tips there.

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