Scooterworks/Genuine looking for racers

Here’s an opportunity you don’t see everyday, from Scooterworks’ latest email:

Scooterworks & Genuine Scooters are looking to sponsor a few very serious scooter racers & teams!

We are looking to hook up with a few scooter racers and teams. We really want to help build the scooter racing scene in the states. In order to do that we want to help sponsor racers and teams. If you are interested in getting sponsored send us an email to You will need to include the following:

  • Brief description of your history of racing
  • Brief description of your race scooter
  • Photos of your race scooter
  • Photos of you racing your scooter
  • Brief description of your future racing plans
  • Why we should sponsor you!

That’s it! Good luck and thanks for supporting Scooterworks!

One thought on “Scooterworks/Genuine looking for racers”

  1. My question is, where are they racing at? Is there going to be something in the Midwest or East Coast again? I’m totally down for scooter racing again.

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