2strokebuzz Zines: Past and Future?

A handful of you may remember that 2strokebuzz started life as a ‘zine. It would probably help if I kept the old issues linked up. There.*

I’ve been thinking for a while, with the advent of print-on-demand sites like MagCloud and Hulu that it’d be so much easier to print/distribute a zine these days. I focused most of my magazine energy into American Scooterist for the last several years, but that required months of work per issue and as great as it is, it doesn’t have that 2SB vibe. I’d thought about ‘2SB Greatest Hits’ compilations, or compiling the old issues, but I’d rather try something new, and something fast and collaborative and less open-ended.

Today I heard about the 48 Hour Magazine Project, and that’s inspired me to try something similar. I’ll look into it and figure out some details, but if you’re interested in helping out, drop us an email or comment!

*Someday hopefully someone will find a USB SyQuest drive so I can finish issue 4… and send Nikki a copy of the great long-lost cover photo.

5 thoughts on “2strokebuzz Zines: Past and Future?”

  1. I’ll have no part of it unless there’s nudity involved.

  2. I mail ordered issue #3 back in the day. Probally still have it somewhere. I used to order tons of zines while I was on a ship in the Navy.

    I can help out if I get some extra time between running the business, taking care of family, and being an international superstar.

  3. When I print Bumpstart, I go to the Independent Publishing Resource Center to run copies and assemble them. Trying to keep the cost down. Never used MagCloud, remember you telling me about them Bryan. If you use them in the future, let me know how they are.

    That project sounds fun. Wish I had more time to participate in it.

  4. Mag Cloud is like the CafePress of magazines, its a cruddy way to make money, but a great way to distribute without making a financial commitment to printing.

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