Taffspeed update, straight from Terry

We reported in January that venerable British shop Taffspeed was closing Founder Ian Frankland let us know that plans have changed and he’ll continue to run the Taffspeed website.

Taffspeed Limited is temporally stop trading due to my heart bypass surgery.

My former employes set up “Welsh Scooter Parts” & I had let them have use of my shop equipment & transfered the old Taffspeed phone number to them so that they would have the best start to their new venture.

It was agreed to trade out of my old Taffspeed premices for 12 months & pay a rental, however now after 2 months of using Taffspeed’s old premice they gave me a weeks notice of quiting & were out which left myself now having to pay the mortgage & other bills.

So now I am running TAFFSPEED via my Taffspeed web site.

If any persons purchases items other than from this web site there is no waranty or back up.
So Scooterists beware of what & where you purchase items as there are companies that are advertising & selling replicas of our exhausts which are made in the far east!

One thought on “Taffspeed update, straight from Terry”

  1. Interesting stuff – so does that mean that the Taffspeed “GOLDLINE” exhaust I purchased for my P200e recently from the guys at Welsh Scooter Parts is not a genuine Taffspeed exhaust? It looks like the real thing ( I have owned a few of these babies over the years ) performs as well as any I have owned and fits like a glove. It is stamped Taffspeed on the tailcan like the others and the finish is excellent. Does this go for the other Taffspeed Special Products they are selling as well ? Like the PX shock springs, Lambretta front fork springs and Lambretta clutch springs??

    Actually, I think I will contact the guys direct and ask the above questions and post their answers here over the next day or two.

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