Piaggio MP3 400 LT Touring

If the Piaggio MP3 wasn’t already “the Gold Wing of Scooters*,” the new MP3 400 LT Touring with old-man windshield, giant top-box, and hard panniers should seal the deal. Rumor has it 2012 will bring a reverse gear and an 8-track player.

*Granted, The Suzuki Burgman is more commonly saddled with that title, and the Honda Silver Wing has the closest etymological connection.

8 thoughts on “Piaggio MP3 400 LT Touring”

  1. I have the same thought when I see a gold wing with a trailer:

    “Just buy a Miata already!”

  2. The problem isn’t that it is large it’s the cockpit on the mp3 is to cramped for long rides with fat old men. :-) That bike has less room than a 50cc zuma and is a lot less comfortable. The cases should be available for all large scooters costing over $5,000 and weighing over 400 lb, Now if you don’t ride between cites the don’t make fun of those who ride to rallies. Weather proof secure luggage and enough electric power for a heated liner come right after the helmet and rain gear.

    Mike on his Silverwing the one with the tailer hitch.

  3. To tight in the armpits, probably fit a soccer player though. :-p

    In my family I was known as little Mike Big Mike was 6’7” and Granmaw Groves was 6” even. But now I am just a fat old man. The cute girls hold the door open for me at school:-(

  4. Or better yet, bring on the street legal quadircycles. That MP3 looks like a Smart convertible without the rear wheels. The MP3 may handle more like a motorcycle, but I don’t see that being such a big advantage. It’s like the worst of both worlds with the only added benefit of leaning. People seem to have enough fun on quads. Why aren’t people clamoring for quadricycles? Open air, central inline pilot/passenger position but with loads more traction and more year ’round riding capabilities.

  5. thats thing is the best , I wish I could find my old photos of that P200 that was built like a Mp3 back in the early 80’s do you remember seeing that BB I guess it was made for some Handicap vespa rider in italy…

  6. thats the PK version , I will have to look for the P version the one I saw was in Spain.. didnt have as crazy of a front end….

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