We’re not “2strokebuzz” on eBay

A couple 2SB fans noticed a GS150 Airbox auction on eBay from seller in Sacramento, CA named “2strokebuzz”. I’ve got nothing against this guy, and he has good feedback and he’s been using the name on eBay since 2001. He doesn’t seem to be pretending to be related to the site or anything, but I emailed him anyway, asking politely if he’d consider changing his name, or adding a disclaimer that he’s not related to us.

He claims he’s “spent the last 20 years riding and restoring scooters,” and is “active in the vintage club scene.” So it’s possible it’s just a coincidence, though it seems weird we’d never heard of each other until now, in the smallish world of vintage scootering. Anyway, I’m not gonna hassle the guy, it’s not that big a deal, neither of us uses eBay much anyway, but I just figured since he didn’t seem interested in clearing things up, it was up to me to make it publicly clear that he’s not me, and vice versa.

3 thoughts on “We’re not “2strokebuzz” on eBay”

  1. I call bullshit. If he’s such a club scene stalwart he should be a stand up guy enough to change it. He’s just been a member since 2001. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t changed it to that in the mean time. It just means that he’s at least past his probationary period after a name change. Post his name. I know someone who needs a new title for their plushy fetish website. I think it would be fitting.

  2. You can view the id history in ebay so hes always gone by that name

    User ID Effective Date End Date
    2strokebuzz Sep-01-01 Present

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