Pinasco Gears Up For New Stella

Pinasco sent out an email announcement last week describing their new exhaust for the 4-stroke LML Star (AKA, the Genuine Stella 4-stroke. It is described as made from special INOX steel. That must make it fast. The dyno charts included in the email showed an increase in power from about 7.5 to 8 HP, but increasing the RPM range by about 1000 RPM or more. The best part is that it looks pretty cool. I think that’s what’s most important. So when the Stella breaks through the red tape to put smiles on the faces of Californians and other fans of two superfluous strokes, Pinasco should have something with which to void your warranty.

8 thoughts on “Pinasco Gears Up For New Stella”

  1. That’s the raw version. There’s a black version too. There’s something to be said for the bare metal look.

  2. I saw the matte black one & ceramic white they had a little different shape in the back end but still looked very…

    a guy just call me and asked about performance he got one of the Star Versions down in the keys or some other caribbean island , I forget where hes from…

  3. The 4 stroke Bajaj Chetak and Legend had pipes made for them by POC and Hot Rod Al. Compared to those, this Pinasco pipe looks over engineered.

    POC pipe:

    Hot Rod Al pipe:

  4. On thing that many scooter pipes in Europe need to sell in real numbers is a compliance certificate. I have a feeling the POC and HRA pipes would not be able to get one of those. Where the US is the market for the home grown options, it is not the target market for the Pinasco pipes. It may have a more palatable sound than the straight pipes that have the potential to ‘unleash’ the hidden powers of 2 strokes too many.

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