An Alternate Reality?

The MV Agusta motorcycle, like the Vespa, was born from the remnants of an Italian aircraft manufacturer after World War II. But did you know the Agusta and Vespa very nearly had a lot more in common?

MV Agusta produced their first prototype, called “Vespa 98”, in 1945. After learning that the name had already been registered by Piaggio for its Vespa motorscooter, it was referred to simply by the number “98”.

Agusta went on to build a few scooters, such as the CGT, the Ovunque, and the Chicco. So if it was not for some paperwork, we could all be riding Ovunques today!

Thanks to our Belgian friend David V.

One thought on “An Alternate Reality?”

  1. The 1953 Ovunque by Agusta graces our first edition of “thank you” T-shirts. We needed a scooter that wasn’t a Buddy, GTS, Lambretta, Kymco or anything else we sold. We give these to folks when they sign their papers on a new scooter.

    Our next edition was the Orix C

    We get tons of questions about “what is it” and it’s always fun to see the motorcycle guys react to it being an Agusta.

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