Isle Of Man Lambretta Racing c. 1970

This is a great video. You may want to turn up the brightness on the monitor but that may take away some of the appeal. The music is so good you’d think Mr. Illnoise had posted this. The event isn’t quite the closed-road TT, though the pilots just show their mettle by mixing it up with lorry traffic. Now you’ll excuse me while I go look for a petrol can in the carport.

Via the SIP Facebook page

3 thoughts on “Isle Of Man Lambretta Racing c. 1970”

  1. Matt, I’ve already been out and back. It’s a little slick but once you get some momentum the snow banks are easy to blast through.

    Orin, I meant carport. It’s where I look under the bonnet and move the contents of the boot to the trolley so I can use the lift to get it all to my flat. It’s a brilliant little house for my Vauxhall except for that I get poor reception on my Mo-Bile.

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