Another Disc Brake Option For Classic Vespas

Sam from The Scooter Republic wrote to tell me about a new disc brake they have available for Sprint style front ends. I wrote about their smallframe disc brake back in May of 2009. Now they have an alternative to putting in a more modern P-series or PK-style front end to add modern front stopping power. Until now, the only option for adding a disc brake to this variety of Vespa front end was from Worb5 Scooter Parts in Germany. The TSR version claims anti-dive properties and the requirement for a small bracket to be welded to the fork tube. The part is not for the average Vespa rider, but looks like a nice addition to the scoot that otherwise has it all. Estimated price is 320 GBP and promises of photos of a fitted model were made and will be shared when we get them.

3 thoughts on “Another Disc Brake Option For Classic Vespas”

  1. Any more info on the disc brake, I’m about to splash out on up grading my front end and this seems like the way forward.

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