Cold Weather Challenge 2010-11

The 2010-11 Cold Weather Challenge is still underway, though you wouldn’t know it from our total lack of hype. See the current entries below, including very impressive entries from Alan, Luigi, and Gavin, and be sure to track and post your 10-mile-plus scooter rides at or below freezing temperatures. We recommend staying off snowy/icy roads, but when the roads and the sky are clear, get out there and ride! We’ll have this all a bit more organized ASAP. Thanks!

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  1. Ryan B. 12-8-2010 10 miles, 19deg Piaggio BV250 with oxford heated grip covers, tucano urbano handble muffs and leg cover, high windshield, snow pants and Muck winter boots

    my hands are still getting cold because my handlebar muffs are letting in alot of air. I need to tape them up or something. they are old ones that I have had on a couple differerent scoots over the years.

  2. not sure it counts as it wasn’t on my scoot, but I did a 104 mile ride in 18 degree weather on my buell blast, Madison WI to Kenosha WI. I wore 5 t-shirts a sweatshirt and a jacket, 2 pairs of bluejeans and my leather shoes, as well as foot warmers and 6 handwarmers stuffed in where I had room. Buell is getting a windshield come springtime ;)

  3. So I did about 25 miles the other night and the temp at the bank read 29 , and this is Pensacola,FLORIDA Burrrrrrr…

  4. Hippohands and windscreens is cheating! :-) Oh well, My usual figure eight loop in town, Dover, MA (see last years or the year before maps). 5 degrees at start, 6 at finish. So 5.5 degrees, 10 miles. 1964 LIS 150.

  5. 23 degrees on the temp stick Pensacola,FL… 13 miles and some solid Ice Puddles @the elbow room…. on the good old Blue Rocket….might do some more riding if it gets colder but so far this is almost a record in these parts the coldest was back in 1985 jan 21st it was 5 degrees…

    all of you in that deep freeze i want to wish you a happy holidays, Thursday it will be 72 down here !!!!

  6. Dang.. I’m already in second. Well done Luigi. (Although I was expecting to see some brave Minnesota soul with a sub zero ride already.)

    Temp: 6F
    Distance: 13 mi
    Route: Des Plaines, IL -> Lincolnshire
    Scooter: Scarabeo 500ie

    Equip: LandsEnd Squall Jacket, Pants and Gloves. Work boots, Fleece jacket. Over business casual clothes. No termoscud or muffs for me.

    Seems like I could use a new pair of gloves. I think the insulation in my current ones have crushed down to be little more than a wind barrier.

  7. 11 miles, 28 degrees in Lexington, KY on January 10, 2011.
    Vespa LX150 with windshield. Nothing else fancy but a Corazzo skirt. Need to stick the velcros on the scooter…it wanted to balloon up over 40mph or so.
    Not too bad, really. Only weak spots where fingers and ankles — both easy to fix with mittens (not gloves) and a ski suit with longer legs. Now all I need is a single-digit morning!
    Damning evidence here:

  8. I’m going to have to bow out of this year’s competition… the Ruckus needs a new top end and it’s on the back burner. Bummer, since it’s supposed to be about -25°F tonight. :'(

    Some other Minnesotan had better step up!

  9. This years improvements: cat crap anti fog, snowmobile double visored helmet.

    Was hoping for double digit negatives, but my 0430-0515 ride was -4, figured I was too early as the dewpoint was -12, but even after repeating my 10 mile in town figure eight loop a second time back at 0630, it had only dropped from -4 to -5. Now the sun is coming up, so I’m done. In past years, with that DP, I would expect -10, but this year, no joy. Weather is tough! My planning was off.

    The way the scoring works, 10miles @ -5F beats the 20 miles @ -4.5F, so I’m saying my attempt will be just the second loop.

    10 miles, -5F, 1964 LIS 150, Dover, MA

    My choice for this years CWC bike, the Silver Special, is probably going on the bench for an engine rebuild (it airleaks) to get ready for Vegas. My 2011-2012 bike will probably either be a GS150 or a VBB. But if the prospect for a personal best (prior CWC -7F) presents itself, I may not be able to resist, but it may require using another bike, then the Lambretta may have to stay for next year.

    All in all, you think you are ready for these runs when you are a year round rider, but hell, minus single digits, are just in another world from the 20s. The CWC really is a great way to develop rider perspective, understanding your limits and testing them in a reasonable manner. Because so little is at stake, you only go if you can (read as: when roads are clear). It does make the 35 degree ride seem not only doable, but reasonable!

    Next years wants: heated garage, breath deflector.

    Smallstate CSC

  10. Opps forgot…

    Temp: 1 degree
    Location: Albuquerque, NM
    Distance: 10.5 miles
    Scooter: MP3-500

  11. 2STROKEBUZZ.COM – Cold Weather Challenge 2010-11

    Temp: 0-1F°
    Distance: 10.3 miles
    Speed: 4 miles @ 40-45 mph & 6 miles @ 75 mph
    Windchill: 4 miles @ -27 F° & 6 miles @ -27 F° -34 (New Wind Chill Index)

    Location: Albuquerque, NM
    Scooter: Vespa GTS300

    Equipment: Motoboss Winter Jacket, Flight Jacket, Sweater, Turtlefur, Snowboarding Pants, 3 Eye Docs and Motoboss Gloves – Over casual Shorts and T-Shirt.

    RIDE WARM!!!!!!


  12. 2/4/11 -10F 17.1 miles from Norway,ME to my work in Bridgton. Rode same bike as last year, Yamaha Vino 125, Might have entered a lower temp a week ealier but even in the garage the Vino would not start.

  13. ASSC Polar Bear Run
    Feb 5th
    31 degrees
    Indianapolis, IN.
    33 Miles
    3″ of ice on the roads with 4″ inches of snow falling during the ride.
    Zuma 125

    Ride Route,-86.099854&spn=0.527358,0.883026&t=h&z=10






    I had 16 riders say they were going to show. I’m the only one crazy enough for this shit I guess. Flakers, they live in Indy.


    I had a great time on the Zuma. Its built for this kind of stuff and the faces of the rednecks in their 4×4’s was priceless.

    See you again in 2012!

  14. feb. 10th 8:40ish a.m.

    1980 p200e

    10 miles (5 each way)

    cleveland, ohio

    0 degrees f (official reports range from -4 to +1)

    i knew getting into this that i’d be far out of the running, but that’s not why we do it now, is it? same route as previous years, no issues except freezing fingers. honestly, it wasn’t as bad as i felt in years past. maybe it was partially knowing what i was getting into, adrenaline, the fact the bike started up…who knows.

    the hardest part was getting out of the unplowed ally we live down. once on the main streets it was light traffic and smooth sailing. the next time this bike will fire up will be on the coast of cocoa beach, can’t wait.

    cheers to the leaders, and really anyone that takes a shot at this. special shout out to luigi, who continually inspires me to get off my ass to do this.


  15. The reason I’m not participating in “Cold Weather Challenge,” is simple! Thirty years ago, this winter… I was riding a ’76 Honda CL360T I’d bought new 30 months prior to then, that had 42,000 mi on the clock. I had installed a “Wannabe” Vetter fairing a year before, & As I had no car, ridden it rain, sleet, snow, or sun. The winter of ’80 brought a freaky cold wave down out of the artic. Temperatures hovered between 0 and 10 above, for ten days. Just married,our finances were tight. I was working midnights, because it paid .20/hr more money. It was freaky cold for the “Deep South!” I had thermal underwear, jeans, a wool shirt, fiberglass insulated jacket, and a pair of Dickies thermal outerwear. Plus my old Army leather glove shells, and wool liners.This was back before ‘Heated Anything…” When it gets that cold you just have to tough it out! I had a 9 mile ride to work, and there was no feeling from the waist down by the time I arrived! So, y’all can go ahead and play in the cold! I’ve been there -N- done that! lol! Ride safely, you’re invisible! Gabe

  16. As we usually tell our readers riding 125 cc motorcycles, displacement doesn’t matter. The most important is what you do with your ride and adventure is often just round the corner.
    On wednesday, December 8th, snow was falling hard on Paris and its suburbs. As usual, Paris + snow = total apocalypse. Anyway, I had to go back home to pick my daughter at her nany’s place and a few snow flakes wouldn’t not stop me.
    I left the office at 3PM on my wheels, wearing my Ixon Trend jacket, a pair of Bering winter gloves and Maillebike winter sockets under my jeans. I began my skying kinda ride, lefting the smiles of my mates sure that I would come back soon… on my only feet.

    Usually, my 35km commute last for 45 minutes in congested traffic. But, this time, Mother Nature turn it into a fu***ng white hell. Fortunately, the Dealim S3, freshly released on french roads was smooth enough to ride on snow at the overwhelming maximum speed of 20 km. The 13′ wheels have little inertia and the dual-sport looking tires help to prevent burn-outing.

    First Kiss Cool effect of my stupidness, a smooth polishing of my ego as I was riding ahead between the car lanes. Drivers were waiting outside there cars, smiling and kindly encouraging me. Very nice pro-scooter live advertisment, there !
    Second effect, the Velizy uphill large highway. That king of magic moment that only two wheelers can offer : silence, purity and the road, 16/9 sized. The funny feeling to be closer to the polar circle and so far away form my daily routine.

    A three hours ride that reminds me the delicate taste of wheeled freedom, riding a rolling dream factory.

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