Angels Will Fall

Via Vespa Lexington:

We all know that the hot angel chicks are really digging his Vespa and his Motul 2T Body Spray.

Great ad, especially compared to Axe’s other ads, but it really could use a Peter Falk cameo.

8 thoughts on “Angels Will Fall”

  1. What non-pornographic video couldn’t use a Peter Falk Cameo.

  2. Okay, I gotta ask, is this a reference to Peter Falk’s role as an ex-angel in Wim Wender’s film, “Der Himmel ├╝ber Berlin?”

  3. jrsjr: The commercial probably isn’t but Bryan’s Peter Falk comment almost certainly is! One of my favorites that I haven’t seen in all too long.

    Peter Falk, Bruno Ganz or a Nick Cave cover for the soundtrack would have been a great touch.

    Pretty un-sleazy for an Axe ad. They even lowered their breast cup size requirements for this one. Kudos.

  4. My all-time fave film is out now in a Criterion Blu-Ray edition for even more “Himmel” goodness! IMHO, the Blu-Ray version restores the luster to the soundtrack, which sounded kinda tinny on DVD. My secret hobby is reading the script (yes, I have a copy) out loud, particularly Homer’s soliloquies.

  5. Yep, Wings of Desire reference for sure, And Faraway, So Close where the soldiers working in the missile silo think they’re getting cable TV over the security camera because they see Colombo on their monitors.

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