Timoni out, Martinez in at Piaggio USA

Sources (SDG at Modern Buddy,, Hell For Leather, Scooterism, etc…) report that Paolo Timoni, CEO/President of Piaggio Group Americas since 2005, has left the company. Piaggio has yet to confirm or deny the rumors. PGA imports and markets the Piaggio, Vespa, Aprilia, and Moto Guzzi brands in the U.S.

Update, new prez/CEO is Manuel Martinez, formerly manager of Piaggio Spain.

4 thoughts on “Timoni out, Martinez in at Piaggio USA”

  1. “Before joining Piaggio Spain, Martinez spent three years as the general manager of Ferrari and Maserati SpA for Spain and Portugal. He also held similar positions as general manager of export markets for Derbi worldwide and Piaggio Latin America.”

    ¡Viva la Boutique! Sigh.

  2. Hey, if this is a guy who actually wants to sell scooters in the USA I’m behind him. It just seems like the big scooter giants are set on proving that the US market is marginal by not trying and making sure it remains marginal. Piaggio is better than most, they at least offer some of their best scooters here, even if they skimp on the parts supply chain and dealer support. Honda on the other hand probably has the best supply chain and dealer support in America – in the dark neglected corners of its motorcycle dealerships, and doesn’t even bother to sell its most popular bikes here.

    We are coming out of a really bad recession, jobs are starting to pick up, gas prices are awful, and people need affordable transportation – the market prospects for good affordable quality scooters should be on the brink of an explosion.

  3. Paolo sent out emails the last few days of Feb. to many close people that he was leaving, and that it had been talked about for awhile.. if you got one you know what the rest said.

    But in other news Miguel Martinez, Is a super nice guy that will bring a market to America… he has done wonders in Spain… he understands smaller city markets much better and the need for better parts service… which right now is the worst…

    oh and i think were only knee deep in this recession you cant come out of it until we get about waist deep. but I guess we will see once were all in over our heads…

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