Genuine Stella 4T 3,000-Mile Review

Eric (and probably Eric alone) has been riding a 4-stroke Stella for a few months now, and has racked up 3,000 miles, here’s his review.. You’ll likely find it more insightful and more up-to-date than our review of the prototype from two years ago.

My take remains the same: It’s good for the environment, and good for gas savings, and to the untrained eye, it looks just right, the only downside (compared to the 2-stroke) is reduced parts and accessory interchangeability with the Vespa P-Series.

Vintage Vespa fans may find one other complaint, which Eric summarizes nicely:

All those vintage faithful prematurely complaining about the Stella 4T’s performance may have some newfound respect for them once they ride next to one. Or they’ll just hate it because it doesn’t sound and smell like a 2T.

One thought on “Genuine Stella 4T 3,000-Mile Review”

  1. We have two down here in Florida, that came from the UK Sir Randy has a (star150 4T) with 15728 km (9773 miles) on I know because I just did the oil change before setting out on my bike to Texas Lake Rally, and his wife has a (star125 4T)bike with around 4000 km (2500 miles)… he is pilot in the royal air force and rides the piss out of his bike he drives around 120 + miles 5 days a week…

    this was the 4th oil change I did for him 2nd set of tires seems the rear tire was wearing kind of funny seems the hub nut may have had some play in it. but ok now..

    the valves are no fun I have adjusted them twice… not sure if the Pinasco Silencer has anything to do with that? but its runs alot better now…
    only other thing is the cables on this one were way out of wack the gears got some good smacks as Randy put it…

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