Vintage Carousel Ride Scooter

Philadephia-based online vintage-resale boutique Three Potato Four is currently offering a vintage carnival-ride scooter for $1250. Most of us rarely pay that much for a actual, running vintage scooter but, you have to admit this thing is a neat find. They’re calling it a “Vespa” and it has a few Vespa-like features, but scooter nerds will recognize most of the features as more Lambretta-esque.

Thanks to Vina for the link.

2 thoughts on “Vintage Carousel Ride Scooter”

  1. “Vintage early 20th century…” no wonder it’s priced so high.

  2. Ha, i didn’t notice that! You’d have a hard enough time arguing 1946 (introduction of the Vespa) was “early” in the 20th century, but that’s decidedly series-III (1962)-looking. Unless Lambretta based their scooter designs on carnival rides and not the other way around, it’s not “Early 20th Century.”

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