Get To Know “Larry Crowne”

If you haven’t heard the name “Larry Crowne” thrown around yet, you will soon. The Tom Hanks film comes out released July 1 (how many times will we see “…scoots into theaters?”) and features motorscooters more prominently than just about any film since Quadrophenia. I know 2strokebuzz readers consider themselves pretty “avant garde” and this is a big-budget mainstream film, but I’m willing to bet a good number of hipster scoooterists will make an exception to their “Julia Roberts rule” for this one.

Hanks/Crowne rides a beater 80s Yamaha in the film, and a wide variety of scooters appear on screen. We’re told the film really promotes scootering for fun and dependable transportation, recreation, and camaraderie for all walks of life, which all goes back to Hanks, who is a big scooter fan. That’s what we like to hear, we have the same dream, and the film would seem to be a scooter importers’ dream, right? Well, you’re right. Hello, Genuine Scooter Company, who’s partnering with Universal for a ride with Tom Hanks to the L.A. premiere, free passes for local premieres, and a Buddy San Tropez giveaway. Check your local paper or contact your local Genuine dealer for details.

Universal is also very wisely working the scooter blogs (including this one) with a contest/promotion, I’ll be able to tell you more about that soon.