100,000 MP3s

Piaggio built their 100,000th MP3 on June 17, 2011 That’s 100 units of each different MP3 model! But seriously, the MP3 has been a big success for Piaggio (though not so much here in the U.S.A.), that’s an average of 20,000 a year since its introduction in 2006. Impressive, but not a transportation revolution, sales of the Vespa from its introduction in 1946 to the millionth unit in 1956 averaged 100,000 units a year!

One thought on “100,000 MP3s”

  1. We’ve been told that already last month as Federico Musi, the top manager at Piaggio France, introduced the Yourban LT 300 last month. Your right, MP3 is not a revolution as 40% of this score is made on the only french market, mostly in Paris – suburbs and south coast.

    This success is due to the fact that the L5e certification (3-wheels vehicles) of the LT models allowed them to be driven by car licence owners. With the MP3 LT 400, the guys who previously had 125 cc scooters (Yamaha X-Max, Peugeot Satelis, Piaggio Xevo, …) had suddenly access to the 34 hp of the 398 cc Piaggio engine. As bigger is better to show what a male you are…

    Had not been this L5e certification, the MP3 might have been not much more than a heavy scooter concept…

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