Nopooh’s Motor X Tees

Oh, geez, I was wearing one of my favorite t-shirts over the weekend and it occurred to me that I promised them a plug here (MONTHS ago). Check out Motor X – Graphic Tees from nopooh. “Francorchamps” (left… that’s a model, not me, he looks better in it.) is my favorite but they have a few great ones. I like their subtle non-douchey designs and I hope someday they give a few rare old motorscooters the same graphic treatment.

2 thoughts on “Nopooh’s Motor X Tees”

  1. Ha, I doubt they intended that meaning, they seem like big enough Anglo-Francophiles. I’d heard the Nazi thing before, but whenever I see “88” I’d be inclined to think of the song “Rocket 88” which would be a big Rockabilly thing, which I think is about the Oldsmobile 88 (which looks nothing like the car pictured on the shirt though.) And, as my Rock and Roll History teacher in college (easy A!) noted, there are 88 keys on a piano.

    Or Maybe these guys are just horny amateur radio fans?

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