Put on a Trojan

Jen points out that Heritage Helmets now offers Trojan Records helmets to go along with their Consortium-approved Lambretta helmets. They even offer one with both Trojan and Lambretta logos, which is kind of surreal. Beautiful stuff, but, once again, they totally forgot the part that covers your chin and face. If you can afford an extra helmet for parades and photo shoots, pony up!

4 thoughts on “Put on a Trojan”

  1. We sold 30 since December , we didn’t thing they would sell either $200 is a bit much for a helmet… Luck we only got 6 Trojan and only have 2 left, the rest were all Lambretta.

  2. 200.00 US doesn’t sound TOO bad. Very much on par with the less practical Davida. I figured that they would be like importing anything from the UK, expect it to be priced at around 2X the GBP price in Dollars. Between the exchange and obscene shipping on anything but a Royal Air Mail packet, buying from the Brits rarely seems like a wise financial choice.

  3. We got a heck of a deal if we go 50 all at once, at first we just wanted 12 but the price was almost close to cost..

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