Lambretta Elitism Extends to New Levels
at Jet 200

Once again I’m drinking alone and reading Facebook. I just read about the new service offered by Jet 200 to re-magnetize Lambretta flywheels. I inquired if it was open to Vespa flywheel re-magnetization. The reply of ‘no’ was soon delivered. So I guess if you are one of the ‘cool kids’ with a Lambretta you are set for getting back good spark and bright lights before the next season starts. If not, you’ll have to rely on Motorsport Scooters (aka ScooterWest). How about everyone get on this before Memorial Day weekend when you call your buddy who’s a crack scooter wrench to try and get your scooter running for the first time in 8 months. It’ll probably help.

Any other scooter shops out there have one of these magic magnetizers?

7 thoughts on “Lambretta Elitism Extends to New Levels
at Jet 200”

  1. That thing is sweet! Doesn’t look like a Vespa flywheel would fit, it need a different adaptor right? Scooterworks can do a Vespa, or at least used to.

  2. This is vintage elitism straight from the factory. These were supplied to Innocenti dealers and thus only worked with Lambretta 4 pole and 6 pole flywheels.

  3. I need to figure out how to sync facebook comments now, but as some other people mentioned there, Scooterworks has always had a Vespa flywheel magnetizer, and several other shops do too.

  4. I meant it in a good way, of course!

    I was watching The Unit the other day and there was an episode that is full of old scooters (and a p series that gets pushed over). It had several lambrettas.

    Anyone know who supplied that shoot? It was supposed to be in Italy or Spain I believe, but I don’t know if it was shot there.

  5. I have two and they are both in working order… Made for Vespa fly wheels one came from Ducati Energia the other is a knockoff which seems to work a bit better..

    When I was rewiring stators alot I would re-mag there flys for free… Maybe I will start doing that again…

  6. I have seen that episode of The Unit, they did alot of filming in Mexico, Canada, Texas, and Spain… I think that Scooter shot was Spain a friend of mine worked on the second unit crew for about two years he was all over the world during that time…

  7. Call Barry Gwin at SF Scooter Center. He has the machine and it’s free because he just wants to see more vintage on the road. I believe he does Vespa and Lammy.

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