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The women behind Go Go Gear will be appearing Friday night (March 23, 2012) on ABC’s Shark Tank. ScooterGirls, Inc. out in L.A. make safe AND fashionable (at the same time!) women’s (and men’s) riding gear and we can’t imagine the investors on the show won’t jump at the chance to get involved in their plans for world domination.

I generally run screaming from “reality TV,” but Shark Tank is a fun, well-done show, and I’ve been hooked on it since friend-of-a-friend Steve Gadlin talked Mark Cuban into investing $25,000 towards his internet-based cat-drawing business. Things are looking great for Steve, and we hope Arlene and her cohorts can score an equally attractive deal. The 2SB HQ Tivo is set and fingers are crossed, ladies!

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  1. I have seen their products and wish them all the best! Their success is good for scootering and the entire scootering community! Well done!

  2. Video: http://www.hulu.com/watch/343268/shark-tank-week-10

    My comment over at Modern Buddy:
    I had mixed feelings about the Europe thing, I can see why the Sharks felt that they needed to get their US operation nailed down tight first, but Europe is where the big money for this stuff is. Big picture, long term, Europe should be the goal, but Corazzo’s been around for years and is just starting to make a dent in Europe, Tucano Urbano and Armadillo and others already dominate Europe and would have no problem copying their look to keep them out.

    I watch that show once in a while, and there are lots of people with really good ideas and high standards and a good plan, but they get reamed just because they’re not realistic. There was a guy with a pop-up truck ladder frame that would have sold millions, but he insisted on US production. I love that conviction, but if you’ve ever been to a truck/car/motorcycle show, you know you have about three months to dominate the market with a new product before three national distributors rip off your idea and make it in China at a quarter of the cost. It’s not fair, but that’s how it works. Conviction, good ideas, style, fresh ideas are all great, but don’t matter to the sharks as much as the numbers and the worst-case scenario.

    All that said, Go Go is awesome, and it’s good they got the deal, hopefully Damon stays involved and everything goes great for them.

    The whole thread is good, check it out:

  3. Wow,

    Thanks for the heads up that GoGo gear was going to be on the show. This was the first time I’ve ever watched Shark Tank and it’s an interesting concept.

    My thoughts:
    They seemed quite desperate for cash from the get-go. I had know idea they were in such dire straits.

    They really didn’t seem to have it “together” other than showing and saying that they have very cool jackets. I really enjoy their product line, and my girlfriend REALLY enjoys their product line… as I was the one buying! =) but seriously: I’d really be heartbroken if they went out of business. I think they should stick to their niche (women’s stylish jackets) and forget the rest. I just think they’re over-extending themselves with product diversity and then inventory for all those styles.

    I would think they should beef up their web presence and make one version geared to the US, and one to Europe (possibly in multiple languages, Italian, French, etc). Make it clear that their shipping policy is return-friendly for size and style exchanges with minimal cost to the buyer. Make the input and capital investment into Europe low (nearly zero) and carve out a niche through the web.

    Also, why don’t they have patents on any of those jackets? There HAS to be something about them (combo of materials, placement and stealth of armor, design lines) that can obtain some protection. Anyway, competition won’t be fierce until there is more of an active purchasing U.S. market. I imagine it’s being marketed to scooterists because a higher % of women riders wear gear, vs. the women on the back of sport bikes and harleys hanging onto their man.

    They make top notch, top quality products that cater to primarily women. They should know this is their business model. Raise prices if need be. I think most people willing to pay $300 for a high quality and stylish jacket will pay $395.

    GoGo gear is awesome, and if I ever have the chance to support them again, I will.

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