New Tools Save Nuts, Destroy Lucrative Used Nut Market

I have been hoarding good condition used castellated nuts that retain the rear hub bearing on Vespas. I figured they won’t be made forever and every year many are destroyed forever with a hammer and a large screwdriver. This cache was part of my retirement strategy. Now Scooters Originali is offering a handsome tool that may dash my hopes of indoor plumbing throughout my golden years. At 59.99 it’s not cheap. But if you work on Vespa engines on a regular basis or know that you could be the star of your local club for having one to loan it’s not a bad price at all.

I now have two questions:

1) Are these nuts reverse threaded?
2) Will this increase or decrease the value of my stash of 6204 bearings?

A nod to Pistol Pete from Piston Ported for the nudge to spread the word.

3 thoughts on “New Tools Save Nuts, Destroy Lucrative Used Nut Market”

  1. SIP had a socket version on their Web site last year, but when I actually needed it, it was on backorder for three months.

    On the up-side, it produced a fairly humorous stellaspeed thread about my efforts to get the damn thing out of my VBB engine with torches, hammers, home-made tools, and blood.

  2. Huh, that’s always been one nut I’ve never had a problem with, though I haven’t dealt with many of them. If someone would make a quick-release flywheel, though, I’d buy that.

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