Vintage Scooter Racing Photos Flickr On Blogs

Often blogs will just be a cyclical affair of reposting items and it seems a bit tired. But that’s really the nature of a weblog isn’t it? Sometimes there’s a real news scoop, an interesting editorial or just some eye candy. This is an example of the later to check out. Flickr user Panoramicpete has a very nice collection of scooter racing photos from days gone by. Da Nguyen from The Scooterist, a site that I’ll have to be sure to revisit, shared a few photos and one was in turn posted by the Ride The Machine blog. I expect that another page may now share the image set after seeing this. Or should we just stop wasting keystrokes and take up Tumblr?

3 thoughts on “Vintage Scooter Racing Photos Flickr On Blogs”

  1. Do it!!!

    I need to look at more of those photos. I just looked at a few and the thumbnails were cool enough to rationalize the post.

  2. Every pic on that page is worth a thousand words, but the one titled “scooter racing at lidden hill kent 27” is worth at least ten thousand. It’s a classic. Thanks for posting the pointer.

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