2sb Photo Gallery

I finally figured out how to prevent personal photos from appearing in the menu bar, so now you’ll see only randomly chosen marginally-scooter-related photos there. If you actually enjoy perusing pictures of my relatives and vacations, you can always visit the Gallery directly, they’re still there (in fact, I just uploaded many new family photos and sorted everything a little better). (Above: Indianapolis Motor Speedway, photo by Vina Vroom)

Pardon the nostalgia

The first issue of 2strokebuzz came out just about 11 years ago, and we’ve been online for almost six years. The first year or so of 2strokebuzz.com wasn’t technically a blog, but we started blogging in October, 2001, and most of those posts are still in our archive (though we lost a few in various server crashes, and some dates were lost). So if you’re feeling nostalgic, or you’re just jonesing for more 2sb (it happens!) check the bottom of the sidebar to see what was happening in 2strokebuzz’s past.

Vintage 2strokebuzz!

gearN.gifIf you were reading 2strokebuzz online way back at the turn of the millenium, you’ll be happy to know that you can see our earliest online version (from before the word “blog” was invented). Relive the early days of the animated gearshift and read all the classics, including the first MASS race, Vina’s ride to the clown cemetery, Rally Soccer, Matt Howie’s Fashion Forecast and Ryan Bastianelli’s (now Silent Ron’s) $100,000 “Can of Corn” Lambretta, and more! Don’t forget, our print issues, dating back to 1995, are also available to download. Ten years goes by so fast.

2strokebuzz Archives

Once we got all the old posts imported, the sidebar archive lists were getting unwieldy, so we’ve moved them to their own page that can always be found under in the sidebar. We’ve also redirected some bad links, so other than a few cosmetic changes and finishing the links page, everything should be nailed-down now. Thanks again for your support as we wrangle 2sb back into a lean, mean, blogging machine.

Good News and Bad News

I finally got ALL the old entries imported and posted last night. The problem is that almost all the old posts have “from_the_archives” in the title (oops) so I’m going to try to delete those and reimport them correctly tonight. Also, since the archive and category lists are so long now, I’m going to move them to their own pages. Thanks for putting up with all the changes here, we’re very close to ‘getting back to normal.’

RSS Feed is back

Along with the move to the new server, we’ve cleaned up the RSS feed and moved it to a new home. Read our feed in your newsreader, or add our news to your web page. We’ll be adding category-specific RSS feeds soon, once we get all the archives added and reorganize our categories. Sorry that the last ten posts have been self-referential, but things are moving and shaking.


We’re back live, with little fanfare. There’s still a lot of work to do, but we decided it’s better to get the posts rolling, and finish up the sloppy bits as we go along. We’re still moving things around, and we might be down for a day or less in the near future as we move the domain name to the new host. Also note that you need to register to post comments now. Registering is painless and easy, it’s necessary to prevent the overwhelming comment spam that destroyed the old site.

Coming soon: new mersh, and category-specific RSS feeds. Thanks for nagging me and checking the site every day for the past year, please spread the word that we’re back in business.