Honda introduces Solo in Japan, So1oSC threatens to sue

Durso let us know that Honda recently unveiled part three of its “N project” 50cc series. The Honda Solo is a brother to the Japan-only Cub and the Play Pocket Zoomer, known and loved in the USA as the Ruckus. God bless Honda for making such silly, pointless, awesome machines. It’s probably a good thing we can’t get it here in the US. Check out the custom order options, why can’t all motorcycles and scooters have that many color combos?

Rockford Rally

The Rockford rally has changed back to Rockford (from Wisconsin Dells). Screw City SC is calling it “Scooter Piracy II: Rut The Wenches”, funny because it’s really the fifth Rockford rally, but the third in the Rockford area, and the first in Rockford proper. It’s like some prog-rock band is naming their rallies. Anyway, it’s July 11-13 and there are separate rides, with hoochie dancers for the guys and karaoke for the girls, and on Sunday there’s a lazy river, so you know Vina and I will be there. Arrr!


I just want to remind you all, it’s on at Niagara. Sorry 2SB’s been so slow, work and life have been crazy, thanks to everyone for the links, I’ll put them up soon!

Chicago Fire

Hey, if you heard about the huge fire across the tracks from my building, we’re all fine here at Coudal Partners/37Signals. There’s a photo and some Quicktime footage on rocks us!

ipodicon.gifI was in the basement last night burning vinyl to .mp3, and decided “I Could Be in Heaven” by the Flatmates would make a good song of the week. Alas, putting my copy online would be illegal. So I looked on the web and found this awesome collection of ’80s indie pop. I can’t even pick one, so go have a look, You’ve got Shop Assistants doing Ace of Spades, the original demo of “Crash” by the Primitives, and much more cool stuff (although, not, sadly, “I Could Be in Heaven.”)


From Ana: Meetup is a site where groups of people that don’t know each other can organize meetings in their area, and guess what, they have “scooter” and “Vespa” categories in a lot of cities. If your city doesn’t have a scene or you want to start a new one, check it out. Amazingly, ten minutes after Ana sent that link, I was introduced to my new office-mates, 37signals, and it turns out they designed Meetup. Small world.

Another Vespa Suitor

Roberto Colaninno announced yesterday he was preparing a bid to buy Piaggio. Colaninno sold Telecom Italia to a investors including Pirelli last year, and is rumored to be planning a merger of Piaggio and other italian motorcycle makers. His bid to buy FIAT a couple months ago was rejected by the Agnellis, once-owners of Piaggio. More from BBC and New York Times. Thanks to Lu$ for the link!

We suck

One post all week. Next week will be better, I promise. Man, was this a crazy week. I hope everyone’s out wrenching and riding as much as I am. By the way, Galewood’s really shaping up into something cool, I hope you can all make it. I’ll have some more exciting Galewood announcements on Monday. In the meantime, here’s Geek Mod Paul, his sister, and Lemmy, because we haven’t heard from Glenn lately…