Adolf and Benito, EU-capitalist version

January 5, 2009

The Scooter Scoop reports Vespa and Adidas have teamed up for some co-branded apparel and shoes.
The last time Adidas teamed up (unofficially) with Vespa, we got the greatest commercial of all time:

The gear looks pretty sweet, though not too “outside the box.” What we need now is for Piaggio and Adidas to sponsor a Serie-A team, anyone, THAT would be the greatest soccer jersey since PGO sponsored Akademisk Boldklub of Denmark. (And of course, these.)

Chocolate Papalardo

November 20, 2008

Chocolate Skateboards’ Anthony Papalardo model. Usually deck designs come and go too fast (I can’t even find online images of the several scooter-related decks that come to mind), but I think I’ve seen this one around for a while, pick one up before it’s gone! (Thanks M5 and Myk)

RIP, Reg Dunlop

September 28, 2008

Reg Dunlop on a Honda Elite A sad farewell to hockey player/coach, pool hustler, old-west outlaw, parking-meter scofflaw, philanthropist, motorsports fan and team owner, and scooterist, Paul Newman. On top of all that, he made the best damn pretzel sticks known to mankind, and I’m not being glib. He was a great actor, and a great human being.

With all his superlative accomplishments in film, “Slap Shot” might not have been his most critically acclaimed movie, but what other film is so crass, funny, and ridiculous while being so well-acted, gritty and poignant? Hard times demand comedy, do yourself a favor and watch it soon.

Opening Ceremony

August 11, 2008

Congratulations on a fantastic show, Beijing. Now that we’ve seen what potential your nation holds, let’s see what you can do about your scooters.

I know you can make good scooters, I know you’re cutting corners so the importers make more money, but it’s time to go legit.

Commuting with Italian Flare

July 22, 2008

Italian Flare? Is that one of those smoke bombs that AS Roma supporters light after Francesco Totti scores?

Archive: Slaughterhouse 4 soccer

April 29, 2008

Thats Norm and me and I’m embarassed to admit I can’t remember the other dude’s name right now, “playing soccer” at Lane Tech High School after Slaughterhouse 4 (1998), as originally seen on our original website in 2000. Rally Soccer was sort of a tradition back then, with the various options and rules outlined here.

“Norwich Is The ‘New Rome’”

April 12, 2008

A recent study found that Norwich is the UK’s scooter capital, with one scooter per ten residents. Way to sell your Lambretta last week, Cy. The study was conducted by Bennetts, who listed the top ten as follows: Read more

Merciless Tigers on Myspace

April 9, 2008

Look, friends, we can stand here and argue about Man Utd. all day, but there is one team, ONE TEAM, that unites us all under the banner of mediocre soccer… a team as drunk as we are… a team that doesn’t mind if you don’t drive six hours through god-forsaken Indiana to see them play every Sunday, let alone drag your hungover ass out of bed when you ARE in town… That a team is called the Merciless Tigers. And now they’re on MySpace. En-friend-ify those motherfuckers, or whatever you internet people call it, they’re out there chain-smoking cigarettes at halftime so you don’t have to. Zivio!

WKRP 2008, and a MT victory!

April 2, 2008

Cincinnati Merciless Tigers March 2008
As usual, 2SB spent most of the WKRP rally with our family, aside from some rapid consumption of rather large bottles of Red Stripe in the basement of the Comet, and a quick stop at the C&D (cheese grits!) to save 2SBmom the trouble of making breakfast on Sunday. Luckily Jordan took some photos of the actual rally. Sunday brought good news for Merciless Tigers fans, the boys dominated their first outdoor-league game (with the help of the league office, who mistakenly placed them in an over-40 league, but that’s hardly their fault, right?) Final score was 5-nil or 6-nil or something like that, and we finally got some photos of the Tigers in action and a new team photo (above.) MT jerseys are now SOLD OUT, sorry!

WKRP, and merciless demolition with 2SB

March 25, 2008

This weekend, of course, is the WKRP Rally in Cincinnati, and 2SB will be there, as always, probably with stomach flu. Here are two non-sanctioned events that 2SB fans might want to check out (we’ll be at both):

  • Saturday evening, early enough that you can still make it to the Comet in plenty of time for the raffle, there’s a Demolition Derby out in Hamilton, OH. We went last year, too, and it was great.
  • Sunday at 1:00, the 2SB-sponsored Merciless Tigers FC are playing their first outdoor-league match somewhere in the vicinity of Winton Woods. They accidentally got put in an over-40 league (they have only one player over 40) and their center-back “Number 2” tells us “‘Over 40’ means we’ll be playing guys that have probably been playing together for 20 years and can pass circles around us.” It’ll be a bigger bloodbath than the Demolition Derby. The Tigers need a good cheering section, and if you’re headed back to Chicago or Indy, it’s sort of on your way home. I’ll try to get the exact address ASAP, or ask me about it at the rally. Bring a mug of “coffee” and your MT replica jersey.

The rally itself has become the official kickoff to the Midwest rally season, it’s always huge and always great, see you there.

Josh Rogers Silent Auction

March 11, 2008

Modern Vespa (just after I make fun of them) have had the great idea to hold a Silent Auction to benefit Scoot! Magazine publisher Josh Rogers. I’ve thrown in the very last 2strokebuzz/Merciless Tigers jersey (they’re no longer available after this one!), and other items include books, clothing, scooter parts, and my favorite; “Vintage Street Cred”. Get well soon, Josh!

The NASCAR Elite

February 20, 2008

Honda Elites at the Daytona 500

2SB reader Jon Madorsky of Chicago was in Florida for the 2008 Daytona 500 last Saturday and sent these cool photos of police patrolling the track perimeter on white Honda Elites. Thanks, Jon!
Read more

Chicago’s first ride of 2008

January 22, 2008

Right now in Chicago, we’re having a heat wave (it’s 21°F and sunny with an inch or two of snow on the ground) but it’s been mostly in the single digits lately. That hasn’t stopped SoloSC and Team MD (I think they’re serious) from planning an 80-mile round-trip ride to a ski jump competition this Sunday (forecast high 33°, low 22, with rain and snow). I think I already have plans that day.

Vespa Attack 3

December 21, 2007


Speaking of the PI, our friend Jordan Cinco has just returned from the Philippines where he helped organize the third annual Vespa Attack rally. Congratulations to 2sb jersey winner Clifford Certeza (above), president of the Euroscoot SC, who is now also the president and sole member of the the Merciless Tigers’ Pacific Rim supporters club. As always, the stories and rally photos are incredible, and 2sb was proud to be a sponsor, but we would have much rather been a participant. Maybe next year.

Check out photos from the 2sb Gallery, Who Rides a Vespa, Jordan’s Flickr, Vexel9’s flickr, kap42no’s flickr, Vespinoy, and the Sexy Times Crew.

2SB/MT jerseys: free shipping for Christmas

December 10, 2007

Merciless Tigers FC

JERSEYS ARE NOW SOLD OUT, thanks for your support!

Haven’t heard much from the team lately, though Scooter Dave caught Jim M. wearing his out on the town one night. Last I heard, they’d finished 4th in their indoor league and started a new season, in the spring they plan to hook up with an outdoor league (and hopefully I can catch a match during the WKRP rally.)

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