Caveat emptor


I used to get indignant when I saw utter bullshit eBay auctions. Nowadays, I figure anyone who is dumb enough to buy a Chinese crapheap with Vespa stickers on it (with one photo of a clearly-different scooter included in the description) deserves to have their piston shatter the first time they rev the engine. Fuck him for quoting Umberto Eco, though, that’s beyond despicable.

4 thoughts on “Caveat emptor”

  1. It was on Modern Vespa and I think every member of that list emailed the dude and went nuts on him. He sent everyone the same stupid reply, something about “if you contact me again, that will be harassment and I will prosecute you” or something retarded like that, but maybe the pressure got to him. Or maybe someone reported him to eBay, but I’ve done that before, and the process is pretty complicated, which is why most of these auctions don’t get pulled sooner. The funny part was that his eBay record showed that he’d just bought the Vespa stickers from eBay recently. here’s the thread at ModernVespa, it’s pretty funny:

  2. I’m thinking of putting some BMW badges on my Neon and offer it for sale as a BMW replica. Anyone see a problem with that?

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