Orange helmets!

Orange Helmets

If you read Girlbike, you know that Crystal Waters posts about every pink helmet, jacket, and pair of armored chaps she can find. After I threatened to become the “Crystal Waters of Orange” in Girlbike’s comments the other day, she beat me to the punch (line) and sent 2sb a slew of helmets to match the Blur.

Thanks very much, Crystal! Unfortunately, I’m back where I started: The Shoei TZ-R is the only helmet in that bunch I would consider. Orange or not, I’m always mystified that people actually pay extra for helmets that look like Dokken album covers. Shoei helmets fit me well, but I’m not sure that the TZ-R orange will match the bike perfectly. (I’m actually more concerned that I care about my helmet matching my bike.)

3 thoughts on “Orange helmets!”

  1. Not that I’ve seen, which is a bummer, though flip-ups always seem bigger/heavier to me. I’d like not having to take my glasses off to put the helmet on, but since I’d rarely use the 3/4 config, it doesn’t seem worth the extra size/weight.

  2. Another option that solves the matching issue is to get a color that clashes dramatically, like a helmet in bright green or bright primary blue. Add a helmet halo for reflectivity. Drivers might actually notice you more because of a gaudy color combination.

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