Combat Mod Squad Septimius

Being a semi-respectable adult with too many expensive hobbies as it is (scooters, children), I’ve been avoiding the comics/anime/collectable action figure scenes for many years, but Combat Mod Squad Septimius and Pandji (which like all vinyl figures are less-than-utilitarian, surely expensive, and sold out anyway) are just the kind of knickknacks that make me wonder if there’s more to this world than financial security, unquestioning love, and home ownership. (Thanks for taunting me, YoFatTim.)

One thought on “Combat Mod Squad Septimius”

  1. You’ve got to be kidding me; a Rhino that rides a scooter and totes an AK!?!?!
    I’m SO buying the whole set RIGHT NOW! Guns – Anime – Scooters – Wildlife – did they miss anything? Oh wait, what about transforming robots?

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