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I’ve been lusting after Corazzo’s armored Shop Jacket ever since it came out, and after trying one on at Dealer Expo, I finally broke down and ordered one. It just arrived and it looks/fits great. I’ll do a real review once I break it in a little (though I hope not to road-test the armor anytime soon).

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  1. How do the Corazzo jackets fit? I’m a big fan of the 5.0. But, I have long arms and they don’t give a sleeve length on their website.

  2. It fits me just right, the arms a a bit long standing, but of course when you’re riding with your arms out they pull up and they’re just right. But I’m a big guy, it’s an XXL jacket. I was nervous about buying one until I tried one on in person. If there’s a dealer in your area, support them and try it on first!

    I’m sure you could email them for measurements, too. (salesATcorazzoDOTnet)

  3. Bb, did you know Mr. Moto had Corazzo jackets in stock since last summer?

    I have a 5.0, but I wear my old conventional shop jacket over a vanson mesh jacket. Aside from the reflective strip and more shit to take off, it works well. (It’s what I was wearing when I crashed, BTW.)

    Glad you like the new jacket.

  4. Thanks Eldorado,

    The Corazzo website says Motoworks is a dealer, but it’s good to know they have the gear in stock.

  5. Yeah, Darren, I think I first saw people wearing the Corazzo shop jacket at Amerivespa last year (come to think of it, they had a booth there, I could have tried it on there, duh) then I saw them again at Mr. Moto during Slaughterhouse but they didn’t have an XXL to try on. So I tried it on at DealerExpo while Bradford was getting me drunk and vowed to buy one, and he cut me a deal on one of their employee jackets (with a Corazzo logo on the chest).

  6. I have a 5.0 in XL. I’m on the shorter side of needing tall shirts and jackets; I wear a 16 / 35 dress shirt. That means I usually need the sleeves of an off-the-rack XL long-sleve shirt to be an inch longer. The Corazzo 5.0 XL sleeve length, however, is perfect for me.

  7. How’s the shop jacket for warm weather? I really want one but I’m worried about the fleece lining going into summer. Corazzo’s description doesn’t say anything about venting either.

    (None of my local places have one of these for me to check out, though they have other Corazzo stuff.)

  8. There’s not really any venting, but even with the lining, the fabric breathes enough that’s it’s not needed.

    The fleece lining is a good compromise, thick enough to cut the breeze on a chilly day and thin enough to let a little air through on a hot day. i’ve been wearing it in 70° and 80° days and I’ve been pretty comfortable. I’ve found that as long as you’re moving around at 40mph+, most jackets are fine even on pretty hot days, it’s the 90+ days sitting in city traffic that kill you.

    I’ve always argued on the side of the arabs, a kuffieh and wool robes protect you from the sun and keep you cool much better than a mesh thong and flip-flops.

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