Peugeot in Canada for 2009

I just read Peugeot will export 7-8 scooter models to Canada in 2009. America is apparently still (rightfully) being punished for creating the phrase “Freedom Fries” and being bossy at NATO meetings.

4 thoughts on “Peugeot in Canada for 2009”

  1. Scooters of Seattle had some Peugeot scooters a few years ago, the nicer 150cc bikes. Someone said they were gray-market items from Jamaica or some such place. Peugeot makes really nice scooters, as nice as an LX 150. It would be good to see them, sold by a good dealer…

  2. A few Speedfight’s, a couple TKR’s, a new Jet Darkside, Geopolis, Satelis and the Vivacity

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