Hey, I’d really like to thank everyone that’s ordered 2strokebuzz t-shirts via Scootmoto. Sales have been great (we’ve already sold out of a few sizes) and we’re all caught up on shipping and it seems like things are going smoothly (now that I know I have to sign the customs forms for canadian orders).

Scootmoto isn’t much right now, it doesn’t even have a logo, which is the true measure of corporate success. But like I’ve said, I have big plans for it, and I’m a fan of slow, sustainable growth. I’ve been working on the idea and researching the market for a long time, so I’m going to go back and hit up some of the people that said they were interested. If you have something you’d be interested in selling at the scootmoto store, please drop me a line at If you’re a shop and you’re interested in a wholesale account, or in help sourcing and manufacturing merchandise for your store, let me know, too. I think there’s a hole in the market for grass-roots scooter merchandise, and I’d love to help people with good ideas get their plans in motion, and I’d love to help scooter shops find interesting, original stuff to sell to their accessory-hungry customers.

Thanks again, customers, for your support.

4 thoughts on “Scootmoto”

  1. I am anxiously awaiting my shirt here. I think the population at large is not ready for the brilliance of our ideas. Like my SILF shirts, they just don’t “get it”. Which is fun, because I can snicker as I ride by, knowing that my plan to take over the world is working.

  2. Ha, I gave Vina a SILF shirt (the sandwich version, not the scooter version) for her birthday last year. She wore it to my parents’ last month.

  3. My shirt arrived yesterday! WOOT! I was hoping to wear it today but forgot to warsh it. I will wear it tomorrow for shizzle!

    And I have that same SILF sammich shirt too. I wear it when I go to McCallisters Deli and get odd looks. :D

    But, that’s because I am odd looking.

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