4 thoughts on “Recycling scooter tires”

  1. Is that for a bar stool or something to put around your hookah pipe for the next party?

    John Britton has made some nice garden planters by cutting them and turning them inside out (or something like that). Looks kinda like Jughead’s hat.

    I’m saving them all up to build a house with dirt, tires and Jell-0 pudding cups.

  2. Ingenius! Take an old scooter tire, put a colored thingie into it, and sell it for a hundred bucks! A piece of British history (at least it will be in another 40 or 50 years), complete with a thingie in it. I can only imagine what the street value is for a colored thingie, but the tire wrapped around it puts the design well over the top.

  3. 1. Hemorrhoid pillow

    2. Hula Hoop for Mary Kate Olsen

    3. Turn it inside out and it could be the goal plug size for those who keep on going bigger and bigger with the plug style earrings.

  4. 1) Decide to go into business making something nice out of old scooter tires
    2) Gather up old scooter tires
    3) ????
    4) Profit!! $$$

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