Welcome, Motorsport!

2strokebuzz has been turning down advertisers for ten years now, it’s always been important to us to maintain our objective view, and our integrity. So you may be surprised to see a Motorsport Scooters ad up in the top right corner now. Motorsport has agreed to be our exclusive web sponsor for the next year.

I’ve been dealing with Alex Cohn and Motorsport since the mid-90s, when the shop was called “Vespa Motorsport.” Motorsport and Fabio Ballarin’s Vespa Supershop were longtime friends and neighbors in San Diego, and merged for a while. Both were huge supporters of the 90s scooter scene, sponsoring rallies, racing, and other events, and generally keeping vintage scootering and the Vespa legend alive during Piaggio’s absence from the U.S. I have typewritten catalogs, decals, and a great Motorsport t-shirt (still fits, barely) from back in those days, and I’ve been a completely satisfied, if not frequent, customer since.

I can’t think of a single bad thing to say about Alex or Motorsport. In fifteen years of scootering and frequenting webforums, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a complaint about the shop or Alex. And on the other hand, while some potential advertisers are close friends and may pose a conflict of interest, I’ve never even met Alex in person, we have what appears to be a professional mutual respect. He asked me what it’d take to get his ad on 2SB, so I picked a price higher than I thought he’d pay and told him he’d have to commit to a full year, and he wrote back. “Is that all? We’ll do it!”

So Alex gets his ads, 2SB gets some operating capital, and I can’t see this deal influencing the editorial content of 2SB one bit, aside from maybe guilting me into posting more frequently and adding some new features. I hope you’ll patronize Motorsport, recommend them to friends, and let them know that you appreciate his support of 2strokebuzz and everything else he does for scootering.

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  1. Concerning your Yamaha C3/ Vox/ Giggle… MBK Booster X post. I’ve got an ’07 C3 I bought new. After many mods over the last two years, and 6700 mi.( My M.O. was,”Gee, wonder what’ll happen if I do this!”) I’m running 44mph, and getting 117mpg. (Hauling my big butt around – 6’+ 235lbs.) Recently I found a set of “Up Gears” for the Booster X, & Vox, by Polini. (Hmm! This’ll also fit my C3!) They should be here next week. I’ll get them installed, and get some GPS numbers. “you Never see a Scooter parked in front os a Psychiatrist’s Office!” Gabe

  2. No question about it; Motorsport rocks! I’d say it to be a great relationship of two very respective operations. Whenever somebody asks where to get parts that don’t suck; Motorsport is the place.

  3. And yet my request for funding to cover INTERMOT or EICMa or even the other German custom shows and rallies get denied! Sheesh.

  4. Perfect synergy. Best scooter web site + best scooter shop.

  5. Nothing but love for Alex, Steve and all the guys at Motorsport / ScooterWest. Great to see your banner up there.

    Makes all Beeb’s prior denials to P.O.C. that much more painful.

  6. Phil, you (and several other shops, and Scooterworks and Genuine) are the “close friends” in question. I don’t feel right taking money from you because you’re too awesome and too close to me. And others offering ad money were companies I couldn’t really get behind.

    …I’ve been a completely satisfied, if not frequent, customer…

    Alex offered a good mix of emotional, editorial, and physical distance, plus respectability and quality. Motorsport’s advertising on 2strokebuzz may be exclusive, but my reciprocal professional endorsement, though strong, is not exclusive to Motorsport.

  7. open up the site to all advertisers you deem good for the scootering culture. remove your EMOtional attachment for potential site sponsors and sell out Bb.

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