Josh Rogers Silent Auction

Modern Vespa (just after I make fun of them) have had the great idea to hold a Silent Auction to benefit Scoot! Magazine publisher Josh Rogers. I’ve thrown in the very last 2strokebuzz/Merciless Tigers jersey (they’re no longer available after this one!), and other items include books, clothing, scooter parts, and my favorite; “Vintage Street Cred”. Get well soon, Josh!

Josh Rogers hospitalized after crash

Scoot! Magazine publisher Josh Rogers was hit by a Lexus yesterday on Vespa Club Los Gatos’ monthly ride. He was airlifted to the hospital with a broken femur and his TGB Laser was totalled. He’s doing well, all things considered, but we’re very sorry to see him down and wish him a speedy recovery. Here’s more info at and some info on a fundraiser. Donations can be sent to”>

Denver hit-and-run rider identified

Colin from Sportique has identified the Buddy 125 rider that was injured in a hit-and-run accident in Denver this weekend:

The girl who was a victim of the hit-and-run in Denver on her Buddy 125 was Paula Barlow. She is a sweetheart and rides every day in all weather. She is banged up bad and the dude that hit her is still on the loose.

Paula has been a Sportique regular for many many years. She is a trip. Her first scooter was one of those Puegeot big-wheel scoots from the late nineties. She has had several others of the past ten or so years including a Kymco Cobra, a Kymco People and a Buddy 50. Her Buddy 125 was the bike she finally settled on and she loved the thing to pieces. Her scooter had virtually become her identity. Every time Paula came into the Scooter shop she flirted with all the guys there up one side and down the other. She’s hilarious.

Please her send well-wishes from ALL OVER THE PLACE! Paula will really appreciate it. She has not got many friends or family to show her support right now….let’s be her scooter family. In fact, when I called her house her neighbor was tending to her affairs. Send postcards or whatever to:

Paula Barlow
c/o Denver Health
777 Bannock St
Pavilion A, room 202
Denver, Co 80204

Thanks, Colin. It looks like Modern Buddy is collecting donations to buy her some scooter magazines and flowers. Get well soon, Paula.

NYPD Vectrix Test

Autobloggreen reports the New York Police Department will test Vectrix electric scooters in January. The NYPD has been using Piaggio BV200 scooters for several years, most famously in an undercover attack on protesting bicyclists at the 2004 Republican convention. This election, protesters won’t even hear them coming, and the hippies can rest assured that their captors are riding environmentally-friendly vehicles. (Thanks, Lalo!)

Is It Time For An American Scooter Confederation?

The Australian website,, reports on an association of scooter importers that will represent manufacturers and dealers in an effort to “assist riders to avoid potential pitfalls”. This seems aimed directly at upstart importers of lower quality scooters brought in by the container load for fly-by-night organizations. The Australian Scooter Federation boasts membership from many top flight manufacturers including the marques of the Piaggio group, Honda, Yamaha and Kymco. The article states that the ASF members will conform to a ‘code of conduct’ to ensure high quality and dealer support. Is it time for such an organization in the U.S.A? I think so. I recall a little sticker on the gas tank of many an Allstate scooter that suggested there once was. Discuss.