Sachs’ China deal

The line between Chinese and European scooters is further blurred as 120-year-old Sachs signs a deal with a Chinese manufacturer. Perhaps it’s the same manufacturer that’s already knocking off their Madass for Xkeleton. Even as SachsUK brags about the arrangement, they continue to warn buyers about “other” Chinese scooters. Why are all these companies feeding the hand that bites them? China is an attractive manufacturing center and an attractive market, but scooter makers seem too excited to invest there considering the ethics and quality issues involved. Thanks to Scootersnoop for the story.


Proof that the Lambretta Luna is the next big thing for scooter collectors: Lunabase is a well-designed, up-to-date, comprehensive British site celebrating the underappreciated Lambretta Luna range–Lui, Vega, and Cometa–designed by Bertone in the seventies. The site features technical info, brochures, a mailing list, and even an owners club. You’ll be coveting a Luna in no time.