210cc Buddy!?

After naysaying rumors of a 210cc upgrade for the Genuine Buddy on ModernBuddy, I found Nitro’s photos of a prototype of the 210cc kit (presumably) taken at Scooterworks, from six months ago. So the rumor is this upgrade will be available soon, I still say it’ll be prohibitively expensive and require upgrades to the frame, carb, supsension, exhaust, etc, but we’ll see. The thought of a Buddy with a 210cc engine is alternately thrilling and terrifying.

Thanks, woman on cell phone in Lincoln Navigator.


Lowrider scooters are cool and all, but a month after picking up his restored and kitted Vespa Rally 200 from POC Scooters, Kyle Rose would probably have preferred not being smashed between two SUVs. Sorry Kyle. Here’s a video of Phil riding the bike, which would be uproariously funny had Phil and Kyle wanted the bike to look that way.

Quang Nguyen’s hi-tech Vespa GTS

If I’d ever bothered to write about Amerivespa in Seattle, I’d have told you about Quang Nguyen’s Vespa GTS. Engadget beat me to it with a post about Nguyen’s “Best Modern Vespa”-winning scooter with a touchscreen Wi-Fi PC built into the glovebox. (ViaThe Scooter Scoop.) Another modern Vespista pitched an assfit about losing the award to Nguyen’s cool-but-gimmicky (and to be honest, somewhat sloppy) bike, but the more that dude got worked up over not winning a $6 skirt-bike trophy, the more I was happy Nguyen won, his bike certainly did stand out. (More scooter trophy surprises and disappointments in my upcoming review of the Quad Cities rally, ha.)

2007 Dealer Expo: POCphil’s review


Since a week has passed and I still haven’t been able to collect my thoughts on the ginormous mindblowing extravaganza in Indianapolis, here’s POCphil‘s writeup. I’ll add my comments in italics where appropriate. -2SB

We were so excited to get to the Indianapolis Dealer Expo this year, we were running about 2 hours early. We took that time to go visit Speed City Cycles in Indianapolis, only a few minutes from the Show. Mike and Marybeth Tockey have created a fantastic shop with an ingenious use of space and rural/industrial feel that leaves room for a snack bar, lounge and a ton of scooters and accessories. Mike also builds award winning metric cruisers. Just hanging around his IWL Berliner is a treat. After a great tour and some bench racing we were back on our mission to deliver two scooters to the Scoot! Magazine/ Corazzo booth and still arrive early enough at the hotel for some hottubbing before showing up in time for the open bar at 4PM, whew!
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