Kinetic details 2007 plans, and Dragster

Following the success of the Blaze, Kinetic announced more specific 2007 plans today. As previously announced, the Indian company will release three scooters this year. The new details: The first scooter (due “as soon as April”) will be called the Euro, with a 125-135 cc engine and targeted towards whatever passes as a “luxury” market … Continue reading “Kinetic details 2007 plans, and Dragster”

Kinetic outlines new plans with SYM, Italjet

More talk from Kinetic, as reported in the Business Standard: The Italjet-designed Kinetic Blaze has been a sucess in Japan, prompting even more Kinetic interest in other export markets, specifically America and Europe. Kinetic has signed a deal with SYM of Taiwan and the companies will introduce a automatic 100 or 150cc scooter in 2007, … Continue reading “Kinetic outlines new plans with SYM, Italjet”

P2Motors interview: Kinetic’s plans for America

Two weeks ago, Armando Gonzalez of Phase2 Motors contacted 2sb to let us know he was working on bringing the Kinetic “Italiano” line of scooters to America. To make a long story short, Kinetic is an Indian manufacturer that, in 2003, acquired the rights to manufacture and distribute seven Italjet models worldwide. Italjet became more-or-less … Continue reading “P2Motors interview: Kinetic’s plans for America”

Kinetic’s U.S. importer?

For months, we’ve been trying to find out who would bring Kinetic’s “Italiano” line of former-Italjet scooters to the U.S. In the end, he found us. Armando Gonzalez of Phase2 Motors, in suburban Seattle, posted this comment Saturday: Hello all, just stumbled on this site and caught the posts. Great comments. I met the Kinetic … Continue reading “Kinetic’s U.S. importer?”

Kinetic: Blaze to U.S.

Kinetic is back in the news, saying more or less the same thing they’ve been saying, minus the “Velociferos to America” part and instead saying we have the Blaze (“the third-best selling scooter in India!”) to look forward to. Why a company with the rights to, and tooling for, the entire Italjet line would chunk … Continue reading “Kinetic: Blaze to U.S.”

Kinetic, Ducati electrical units form joint venture

The Business Standard of India reports a joint venture has been formed by Kinetic Communication and Ducati Energia to manufacture “flywheel magnetos, CDI, ignition system, regulators and ECU for two and three-wheelers.” The venture will be called “Ducati Energia India,” and will be based in Pune. Kinetic is currently developing and manufacturing the former Italjet … Continue reading “Kinetic, Ducati electrical units form joint venture”

Citicorp Finance invests in Kinetic

India’s TV18 reports Citicorp Finance is buying a 10% stake in Kinetic Motors. The interview with Kinetic Managing Director Sulajja Motwani doesn’t reveal much about their plans, but she says Citicorp’s investment covers their needs for the development of Italjet and SYM models over the next couple years. The hopes of Italjet Dragster fans everywhere … Continue reading “Citicorp Finance invests in Kinetic”

First Kinetic “Italjet” released

As reported on The Scooter Scoop: Kinetic, who acquired rights to produce seven Italjet models way back in 2004, has at last released their first model: the Kinetic Italiano Blaze (thankfully renamed from the Italjet Millenium, which seems, erm, dated). Kinetic’s site features an overhead photo of all seven planned “Italiano” (apparently they’re not using … Continue reading “First Kinetic “Italjet” released”

Kinetic makes (a little) progress (finally)

Indian business website Sify reports Kinetic Motors is seeking $15 million from investors to fund its production and development of Italjet scooters. It’s about time, the deal was announced two years ago. The first Kinetic Italjet, the 170cc Millenium (the name was already dated when Italjet introduced it in 2000), is due later this month, … Continue reading “Kinetic makes (a little) progress (finally)”

Kinetic Konspiracy

From Bill, some more Indian scooters and motorcycles to peruse, this time from Kinetic. Don’t miss the Zing Rockin’ Series. What’s that guy doing? Jo jee chaahe!