Final proof, as if you need it, that David Beckham utterly sucks and all scooterists should hate him

The Glasgow Daily Record reported Friday that Beckham called for a stunt double rather than being towed on a mod Vespa for a new Adidas commercial. Becks’ Real Madrid teammates Zidane and Raul were more than happy to do the stunt themselves.

Shoulda taken the day off

It’s National Pig Day and Brookfield Zoo’s celebration includes “the National Pig Day Parade, pig cards, bookmarks, pig noses and paper hand puppets, and ‘Pigopolis,’ an animated video about a city of pigs who learn to become conservation conscious.” I’m not sure if they cook ’em up at the end of the day, but I kinda doubt it. Also in bacon news, Grateful Palate has named bacon “Product of the Year.” So kick back with a Bacontini and celebrate. I should have today off anyway, it’s Kasimir S. Pulaski Day. Thanks for the links, Ryan and Durso, no pun intended.