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2014/15 Cold Weather Challenge

Welcome to the 2014-15 Cold Weather Challenge brought to you by Piston Ported, Factory Tools, Blockhead Printing, and 2Strokebuzz! You’ll be competing for fame and glory and maybe a small prize from our sponsors. Like... 

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Vespa Scooters – The Essential Buyer’s Guide

Veloce books, the British motorsports publisher responsible for at least half of the decent scooter books available out there, has published a Vespa Buyer’s Guide mobile app. The last thing I need is more vintage scooters... 

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Amerivespa Registration Now Open

This year Amerivespa is heading back to the Big Easy for it’s annual rally. Register and find out more at Amerivespa  

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2013/2014 Cold Weather Challenge

Welcome to the 2013-14 Cold Weather Challenge brought to you by Corazzo, Piston Ported, Factory Tools, Blockhead Printing, and 2Strokebuzz!  

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Epic Scooter Story Proposed By Kickstarter Project

Canadian Gordon Bowman is proposing to publish a book detailing his fathers romantic mid-century journey across the Americas. The Kickstarter page details the project and levels of financial participation. The manuscript... 

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Two big changes in the U.S. scooter world this week: Arguably the most influential player in the growth of scootering in America in the past two decades, Philip McCaleb, has stepped down from day-to-day operations at Genuine... 

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Well, It’s Happened

In 2003, writing about the CycleWorld motorcycle show, I wrote: The Ruckus has “personal injury lawsuit” written all over it. (…) What can I say? it was hands-down the most ridiculous, ugly, pointless vehicle on display... 

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Break Out the Spanners and Get to Work On That Carburettor

Haynes just released their Lambretta Repair Manual covering the series I, II, and III models from 1958 – 2000 including Servata and obviously SIL. The book comes in a nice hardcover with some color and plenty of black... 

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2013 SIP Customshow Winners Announced.

The results for awards at last weekend’s SIP Customshow in Landsberg, Germany are shown here. The show is one of the largest and never fails to have a few examples of custom scooter eye-candy. Some winners have been... 

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And the Winner Is….

Congratulations to Patrick “duo” Harris of Minneapolis for winning the 2012/13 Cold Weather Challenge! It was a close battle for second and third with only the distance of the ride separating the two. Here are... 

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Vespa 2, Tool 0

The rock band Tool’s new album of Jam covers was heroically thwarted by sentient Vespas. (Note: I probably didn’t read Eric’s story as carefully as I shoulda.)  

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New Yorker Caption Contest

You’ll probably never win one of the New Yorker‘s cartoon caption contests, but you might want to give it a shot this week. Here it is, please share your caption here in the comments or on our Facebook page and... 

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Cold Weather Challenge – Down to the Home Stretch

With less than a month to go will anybody be able to beat Patrick of Minneapolis with his -10º entry? Be sure to check out entrants photos over on  

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Amerivespa 2013 Registration Is Open

Amerivespa 2013 registration is now open! The Vespa Club of America’s national rally returns to San Diego on June 27-30, with all the usual good stuff, plus a Friday night performance by the English Beat!  

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SIP to produce smallframe cases

Hodgespeed let us know that SIP is currently in the process of making tooling to produce Vespa smallframe PK-style engine cases. Great news in itself, as they’d gone out of production, but to me, the interesting part... 

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