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Yinzerdome Photos

Is this still on? Thought you guys might like to see my PVSC 2017 Beyond Yinzerdome photos. As always it was an amazing, meticulously-planned rally without a dull moment, and this year the weather turned out to be pretty... 

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Lambretta Jamboree 2016 Photos

The Lambretta Club USA is famously (and justifiably) snobbish about their national rally, only Lambrettas and their attendant Lambrettisti are welcome, so I was flattered to be invited (my scooter of choice be damned) to... 

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Slaughterhouse 21 Comin’ Up!

Hey, gang, don’t forget Slaughterhouse is Labor Day weekend in Chicago, we’d love to see you there. It’s our 21st year and we’re back camping at Papa Murph’s which was a fantastic venue last... 

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1995. I just got my first scooter. I’d met Alfredo on Usenet’s alt.scooter, we’d gone for a ride, he’d mentioned a scooter rally coming up in a few weeks, “We should go!” I got my scooter... 

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State of the Buzz Address

Hey, 2SB readers! Bryan here… As you know, 2strokeBuzz has been pretty dead for a while now, I got kinda disillusioned with scootering a few years ago and even with the addition of Matt and Brooke, we’ve only been... 

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Karm Developed Your Film!

Here’s a fun story and mystery from our pal Karm Parker, a Torontonian who moved to Columbus, OH about a year ago: Karm, like many of us rally-going scooterists, visits a lot of thrift stores and lately he had the... 

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VVV: T-Rex, 20th Century Boy

Not a damn Vespa to be seen. But at least it’s not this. Keepin’ it real for the children of the revolution.  

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2strokebuzz Liebt Motorliebe

It’s been more than a year since our last (non-CWC) post, and i’m sick of dumb April Fools’ pranks, so here’s something real, and awesome: Motorliebe, aka Lars, Dani, Blumi, and Mariuz, rode across... 

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2014/15 Cold Weather Challenge

Welcome to the 2014-15 Cold Weather Challenge brought to you by Piston Ported, Factory Tools, Blockhead Printing, and 2Strokebuzz! You’ll be competing for fame and glory and maybe a small prize from our sponsors. Like... 

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Vespa Scooters – The Essential Buyer’s Guide

Veloce books, the British motorsports publisher responsible for at least half of the decent scooter books available out there, has published a Vespa Buyer’s Guide mobile app. The last thing I need is more vintage scooters... 

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Amerivespa Registration Now Open

This year Amerivespa is heading back to the Big Easy for it’s annual rally. Register and find out more at Amerivespa  

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2013/2014 Cold Weather Challenge

Welcome to the 2013-14 Cold Weather Challenge brought to you by Corazzo, Piston Ported, Factory Tools, Blockhead Printing, and 2Strokebuzz!  

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Epic Scooter Story Proposed By Kickstarter Project

Canadian Gordon Bowman is proposing to publish a book detailing his fathers romantic mid-century journey across the Americas. The Kickstarter page details the project and levels of financial participation. The manuscript... 

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Two big changes in the U.S. scooter world this week: Arguably the most influential player in the growth of scootering in America in the past two decades, Philip McCaleb, has stepped down from day-to-day operations at Genuine... 

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Well, It’s Happened

In 2003, writing about the CycleWorld motorcycle show, I wrote: The Ruckus has “personal injury lawsuit” written all over it. (…) What can I say? it was hands-down the most ridiculous, ugly, pointless vehicle on display... 

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