Genuine’s new “cruiser” due in 2010

Everyone’s been talking about Genuine’s retro-styled touring scooter for months, but Genuine (amazingly) has kept images and details under wraps. So I was surprised as hell when, after an already-surprising Blur 220 ride, Genuine president Philip McCaleb and designer Eric Carl offered me a peek at a series of computer renderings last Monday. Of course, […]

Miami to LA

Photographer Scott Branch is riding from Miami to LA on a Kymco People 50. He expects to take 30 days and spend $65 in gas. It does not appear Scott took the weight and aerodynamics of his giant backpack into account when calculating his speed or fuel consumption, but good luck to him! You can […]

The “T-Max Killer?”

Honda is promising to unveil a mind-blowing Silverwing replacement at EICMA that will knock the socks off potential T-Max buyers. Scooter Station thinks it’s based on this concept from a couple years back. I can guarantee it won’t be that crazy-looking, but they’ve piqued my interest. Also: aren’t high-powered touring scooters supposed to have comfy […]

SX appeal’s “Pak Rest” case

Via Scooterfix, SX-appeal’s neat new Pak Rest case mounts on your passenger seat, giving you a backrest and storage. It’s available in tan or black. Scooterwest/Motorsport has it on sale for $109. They have some great specials, I don’t even like windscreens, but I just bought one for the Blur because it was only $50.

P.E.A.C.E. is go!

Alix B. left Scoot Richmond an hour ago, launching into her second P.E.A.C.E. scooter ride, circling the U.S.A. I totally dropped the ball on getting the word out about her raffle,, but we’ll be watching her blog and waiting for her in Chicago. Good luck, Alix, be safe!