September 8, 2011

Wow, kid’s TV just keeps getting better: Skaville sneak preview. Password is “hortense.” Thanks, Poliana!

Sunday: Magnificent Seven Ironman

June 1, 2011

Join the Magnificent Seven for their Ironman competition this Sunday (June 5, 2011). The ride leaves at 10am from Dunkin Donuts on Northwest Highway (just west of Harlem) and ends at Kristof’s Entertainment Center in Round Lake Beach. The Ruckus crew will join the Mag7 for the ride, and the Ton Up Club will meet at Kristof’s.

This ride is open to vintage and modern scooter capable of 50mph (No motorcycles are allowed on ride portion)

Ten dollar entry, winner takes all (except 2nd place gets his ten bucks back as first place loser).To win you must have:

  • fastest go kart track time

  • Lowest Putt Putt golf score
  • Highest bowling score

Kristofs has a bar and pizzaria on premise. Mag7 is organizing a package price for all three ironman events.

Vintage Carousel Ride Scooter

April 5, 2011

Philadephia-based online vintage-resale boutique Three Potato Four is currently offering a vintage carnival-ride scooter for $1250. Most of us rarely pay that much for a actual, running vintage scooter but, you have to admit this thing is a neat find. They’re calling it a “Vespa” and it has a few Vespa-like features, but scooter nerds will recognize most of the features as more Lambretta-esque.

Thanks to Vina for the link.

A Scooter Culture

October 22, 2010

This morning I was alerted by Facebook to a collection of photos from a trip to France posted on Flickr by April from Scoot Magazine. One photo in particular of a child on a very realistic modern scooter coin operated ride struck me as a significant demonstration how France has very different take on scooters than America. I found it interesting that while most American kids I’ve come across love scooters, on average they grow up to join a society that loves Harleys and freely uses the term ‘Crotch Rocket’. Maybe if we had a few more coin operated scooters outside Walmart, as a nation, we too could appreciate sensible personal transportation choices or riot in the streets when they cut benefits or raise the retirement age.

Fred Perry Kidswear

September 23, 2010

Via Jamie: Fred Perry has a new range of kids’ clothing. I’ll just leave it at that.

Balloon Vespa

June 27, 2010

Balloon Artist Jeremy Telford makes a balloon Vespa. Yes, you just spent two minutes and 36 seconds watching a balloon artist, and you liked it. Do you feel dirty?

Here’s the backstory from Glen G. on Modern Buddy. Thanks for sharing, Glen!

Update: here’s Jeremy’s site. Wow.

Scootmoto Update!

April 25, 2010

Speaking of 2SB cashing in (stop laughing), we’ve finally updated Scootmoto with about a dozen new items, including:

(Finally!) NEW 2strokebuzz T-shirts, a very limited-edition tribute to one of the greatest albums ever, and because our son Calvin (obviously) needed one, we did a few onesies. We only printed 36 shirts, so if you’re actually twee/old enough to get the reference, order fast!
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Another Barbie Vespa?

February 6, 2010

Scoot Magazine points out that Mattel has run out of ideas for re-purposing the “Barbie Vespa” mold.
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Vespa Class

January 26, 2010

In most middle-school shop classes, you’ll make golf-tee games or a footstool. In Tom Boissonnault’s “Technology” class at Eastchester Middle School, you’ll restore a Vespa. Best of all, it’s actually cheaper than Vietnamese child labor!

Note: This story is three months old, I was sort of busy in late October. Thanks, Victor. Luckily, I never clean out my inbox.

Baby sidecar!

January 14, 2010

With the recent spate of scooter babies out there (Cheers Archer, Calvin, Lillian and a Bastianelli and a Spurck to be named later) and a multitude of alleged “new Lambrettas” on the market, let’s bring back the Lambretta baby-stroller sidecar. Awesome. I don’t check Scooterswag nearly enough. Be sure your child is facing backwards, you know, in case the airbag goes off.

Tod(dler)s and Rockers

October 14, 2009

This one-of-a-kind Vespa Rocking “Horse” is pretty sweet. Let’s see, who do I know who’s having a baby…
Thanks, Scooterism!

Spider Man and more scooter comics

August 13, 2009

Eric tweets that the new issue of Amazing Spider-Man (#602) features Mary Jane on a Lambretta. Is that computer-generated art or a gouache painting? And why is Mary Jane so huge? I avoid comic book stores because I’ve chosen to waste all my disposable income on scooters and records, but I might have to pick that up.

Eric runs Modern Buddy, and even if you hate Twitter, follow his “Scooterism” on RSS, it’s always great stuff.

Speaking of comics, Eric (OTHER Eric) at Chicago Scooter Club recently posted a roundup of scooter comics, including Chynna Clugston-Major’s “Blue Monday” and “Scooter Girl” series and a new “Mods and Rockers” comic. And don’t forget Ed Brubaker’s Deadenders and The Originals by Dave Gibbons of Watchmen fame.

Blythe gets a Sito Plus

June 1, 2009

Any time you feel your scooter obsession is way out of control, just be thankful you’re not into Blythe dolls. Or, like our friend Ana, way too into both.

Garage Door Opener

May 10, 2009

I’ve been wanting a scooter-mounted garage door opener for ages, this is the best solution I’ve seen yet. I happen to have all the required parts on hand (and a spare on the way) so I might give it a try this afternoon and see how it works on a scooter. (Thanks, fs8gbe, via Modern Buddy.)

Buddy 1:12

March 22, 2009

Genuine’s new line of 1:12-scale die-cast Buddies was just unveiled, and those ingrate MB’ers are already finding reasons to nitpick, heh. I saw the samples, and they look great. Not as great as a 1:12 Blur would, mind you, but great. Scooterworks lists them as “backordered” but it’s more like “preordered,” they’re due in very soon. Only a company with a well-organized, enthusiastic community of customers could order a containerload of toys and know damn well they’ll sell like hotcakes. (If Vespa did something like this, they’d be made by Lladro or Limoges, there’d be a huge PR blitz, they’d cost $1200 each, and never end up at dealers anyway… kind of like those Adidas tracksuits).

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