Vote Now for the 2strokeBuzz Music Awards

The Grammys sucked, as usual, so we’re having our own music awards. No industry backpatting, no genres, no confusion over the difference between “best record” and “best album,” and no hookers and blow to sway votes. We’ll name 2sb readers’ choices for winners and runners-up in each category, as well as our editor’s choices. We’ll name the winners on March 1st, so send in your votes before February 29th. >>
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Thrasher, Round II

Sent to Thrasher today:
Hi Thrasher.

Your moronic publisher “Tactless Ed” Riggins threatened me with a lawsuit
last year for making a small run of parody “Skoot and Destroy” patches to
promote my dorky scootering website/scooter racing team.

After a few of his nasty emails, I decided it wasn’t worth arguing with an
obstinate idiot and chucked the unsold patches in the trash. I’d only sold
about ten of them, and given a few away to friends, so it was a net loss of
$150. Big deal. If I didn’t have to read another of Ed’s moral high-horse
emails about “integrity” and “ripping off an artist,” it was worth it.

I now see that your creative geniuses have been hard at work for your new
line of T-shirts. (T-shirt 1) (T-shirt 2)

Impressive. Especially since no one’s ever ripped off the Budweiser or Jack
Daniels logo before. Not only has every half-price Cozumel and Daytona Beach
T-shirt shop done it, there have even already been several Budweiser and
Jack Daniels skateboard parodies, not to mention the “Older…Bud Weiser”
Gang Green ads in Thrasher in the 80s.

Awesome. Keep up the good work. How about a “Calvin peeing on a TransWorld
Logo” t-shirt?

Bryan Bedell

Free W7/Shifties show Saturday

Three bands, (two featuring local scooterists), will play a free show this Saturday (February 21) at Gallery Cabaret, 2020 N. Oakley, Chicago. I haven’t seen Jeff Tudor’s band The Shifties yet, but they’re called “pop geniuses” by those in the know, and I’ve seen Jeff wearing little round sunglasses, which everyone knows means “Pop Genius.” We DO know what Brown can do for us: Abe Villalobos and Waxon Seven have added Ryetronics’ Ryan Bastianelli for more electric power, and they’ve added a new scooter-specific song to their set. Demilos, sorry, I know nothing about you. Check out Jeff’s flyer for the show. 2strokebuzz might be making a rare live appearance, we don’t want to miss this show. Did I mention FREE?

Coach Vespas

Vespa has collaberated with totem-of-suburban-affluence Coach leather goods to create seven custom scooters. A pink ET with Coach’s “Poppy” pattern appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Another one with a teal “C” pattern has been popping up in PR blurbs. I haven’t seen the rest, and neither Coach nor Vespa has much info on their sites. Meanwhile, it’s fun to see how many papers run the same press release as “news.” Did I ever tell you about the time I worked at Lazarus and spilled a bottle of Windex on a $1100 purse?