DeVries takes 2003 CWC title.

Ryetronics’ Cold Weather Challenge ended last week, with Matt DeVries of Minneapolis in first place, with -11.5)()(. Rob Baillie in Toronto rode seven miles farther at virtually the same temperature, but Ryetronics made the rules, not 2SB, so Rob’s in second place. Matt does get style points for doing it on a Vespa 90/Primavera hybrid, but you gotta give Rob props for riding a Canadian-spec Zuma.
Hugs to Ryetronics for hosting the winter’s #1 scooter reality show. Visit the site for more CWC stories, stator rebuilds, wiring looms, and CWC stickers.

Sunday Ride 3/14: South Side Irish Parade/Soul Vegetarian/Waxon7 show!

Meet at 9:45 AM at El Rancho Cha Cha – 3140 W Lyndale St (park in back). Coffee and bagels for everyone who shows. Ride to south side leaves at 10:15am SHARP. Fight our way to the parade, have a beer or two (be safe!) and afterwards ride to Soul Vegetarian, 205 E. 75th St., for some bbq twists and protein tidbits (sounds bad, tastes good) after that, to the Waxon7 show at the Bottom Lounge. Goodtimes.