A winnah…

Polinarchy (Poliana from Philadephia) is the winner of our “When will the Razz fall over?” contest. She guessed Friday, and both Ryan and I were out of town, so we’re not exactly sure when it fell, but we figure it was probably sometime Friday night or Saturday morning. After more than a month with snow on the ground, it all magically disappeared in two days. Poliana wins a $10 gift certificate from our sister site illnoisePosted on Categories Chicago, Cold Weather, Giveaways, Scootmoto1 Comment on A winnah…

I’m still standing

Scrambler17 asks “We had a bit of a warm spell over the weekend. Is the Razz still hanging in there?” It sure is. I went over last night and took this photo. I would have never believed on January 9 that the same snow would still be covering the floorboards of Ryan’s Razz, with a few new layers on top of it, all frozen as hard as a rock. But there it is. This weekend is supposed to be rainy and above freezing, but I bet that just adds a thick ice bridge that holds it up for another couple weeks. This winter will never end.

Out of respect for the pessimists that guessed (a month ago) that it’d fall over this week, we’re only accepting new bets for dates after Valentines’ Day.

FabMap Buddy giveaway

RandMcNally has been spamming all over the scooter community, but they’ve got an interesting idea and a great offer: They’re giving away a Genuine 50cc Buddy to promote their new FabMaps, maps printed on fabric that can just be wadded up and jammed in a bag, or used to clean your helmet visor or sunglasses, or to hold a hot sparkplug, or whatever else scooterists do with rags (badump bump!) Even better, the FabMaps are on sale for $2 with free shipping, I just ordered a few, the drawback seems to be that they’re limited to the trendy/touristy neighborhoods of trendier cities (Chicago, for instance featured Lakeview and the Magnificent Mile) but still, $2 is a good deal and if they’re not good maps, they’re hopefully good shop towels, or vice versa. Full review when we get ’em.

2nd Octannual 2SB Coloring Contest!

It’s been eight years since our last coloring contest, and the wounds have healed, let’s try it again. As you may have heard, MotoGP’s coming to Indianapolis Motor Speedway this summer, so we’re co-opting THEIR contest to show those cheese-eating, terrorist-loving Europeans what a MotoGP bike should look like.

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More PR about the Vespa/”Transformers” promo tie-ins. “Scheduled for theatrical release July 3rd, “Transformers” is already generating buzz as a hot summer blockbuster.” It is? I thought the buzz was that “Transformers” was yet another expensive plotless Michael Bay nostalgia vehicle that, if the producers are lucky, will be popular with a handful of repressed action-figure collectors. His future projects include a remake of “THE BIRDS” (seriously!) and like six sequels of movies based on video games. Please, make him stop.

Ballet Kelowna Vespa

For our readers in the Okanagan Valley, here’s your chance to win a Vespa by supporting rural Canadian ballet. Help out Ballet Kelowna as they face division rival Kamloops for the WHL conference title!